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cloud vs on premise

Cloud vs On Premise: How the scales are weighted

This blog provides a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of each approach and offers practical advice for making an informed decision.
SAP Application and Modernization Assessment

Accelerate Your IT Modernization with a SAP Application and Modernization Assessment on Microsoft Azure

Modernize and automate your SAP application landscape with Lemongrass and our fully funded assessment program in partnership with Microsoft.

Introducing DevSecFinOps

Achieving efficiency in DevSecFinOps mandates acquiring new skills for streamlined and rapid operations, learn more in our blog.
selectingg a cloud provider

Five Considerations for Selecting Your Public Cloud Provider

When it comes to choosing a Cloud or Public Cloud provider, there are numerous factors to consider. Initially, major hyperscale providers may seem quite similar, ...
best practices for managed service providers

Data Stewardship Best Practices for Managed Service

Handling data is no easy task. Successfully managing someone else’s data adds another layer of complexity. Managed Service Providers contend with this daily. They function ...
preparing data for machine learning

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Preparing Data for Machine Learning

We explore the importance of representative data in machine learning and offer strategies to boost system performance, leading to improved outcomes and insights.
transforming overlooked data sources into an essential business strategy

Transforming ‘overlooked’ data into a business strategy

By operating in the Cloud, businesses can store more data at a lower cost and utilize previously overlooked data for valuable insights.
A Change in Perspective on the Impact of Planned Downtime

A Change in Perspective on the Impact of Planned Downtime

Many organizations view planned downtime as an unavoidable inconvenience and a costly expense. By leveraging Cloud technology and strategic planning, businesses can minimize the impact ...
ASUG SAP for Utilities

Why Attend ASUG SAP for Utilities 2023 in Chicago

Meet Us There | October 9-11 | Chicago, IL ASUG SAP for Utilities 2023 conference will take place in the beautiful River North district of ...
GSI Global System Integrators

Now is the Time to Think Outside the Large Global System Integrator Box

The tables are turning in the industry, and the days of relying on large GSIs are over. The pool of GSIs and SIs has widened ...