Migrate Methodology

No Longer If, But Rather When
SAP modernization has become one of the top-of-mind priorities for many organizations. This is driven by a combination of factors, the 2027 support deadline announced by SAP and the need for organizations to become more data-driven, resilient and responsive to changing demand. SAP migration and modernization is not a small undertaking and customers face variety of choices when choosing where and how to run their SAP estates. 

Why Lemongrass on AWS?
Our comprehensive methodology leverages our 10+ years of experience to deliver an industrialized and practical approach that drives structure, predictability and pace into the migration project. We have migrated more SAP systems to AWS than any other company in the world and delivered the first ever referenceable SAP Production environment on AWS.

Our pragmatic approach includes:

  • A pattern-based design supported by a set of defined technical migration patterns
  • A clear and formal structure underpinned by a detailed set of tasks and templated deliverables and accelerators
  • A detailed RACI that ensures clarity or who needs to do what, when
  • A detailed orchestration and execution framework that supports transparent progress and milestone-based reporting 
  • An integrated risk, issue, action and decision framework
  • A clear view into project costs and AWS cost control 
  • A seamless transition from the migration to the operational phase

Migration Readiness & Planning Outcomes

Migration Readiness and Planning Outcomes

Plan and architect your systems to reduce your costs, increase agility, adopt automation and enable continuous innovation.

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Accelerate your SAP Migration with a Proof of Concept

A Proof-of-Concept demonstrates the speed, agility and near-zero downtime when migrating your SAP systems to AWS. Identify an SAP workload and see for yourself.