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Modernize your SAP on the Cloud systems with innovations that drive more value into your business such as Data Lakes, DevOps for SAP and more.


Innovation leaders are much more likely to focus on customers, business models, breakthrough technologies, and speed, according to a recent Harvard Business Review 2020 Survey entitled “Delivering Customer-Focused Innovation.”  As such, innovating both within and beyond SAP should be imperative for all organizations to keep your competitive edge sharp, continue to drive down costs, and keep pace with the rapid rate of change in this dynamic market. 

Culture is Key to Democratizing Innovation

Sustained innovation revolves around three core areas: culture, process and technology. At Lemongrass, we see innovation as more than just a technology, it’s a mindset, a way of collaborative working and instilling a culture of exploration, experimentation and innovation. We are a Born in the Cloud company with a strong desire to exploit disruptive and whitespace business growth with new technology.

Migrating to a Hyperscaler Cloud is Just the Beginning

Innovating both within and beyond SAP should be imperative for any business. If your business priorities include maintaining price reductions from month-on-month Cloud platform improvements, driving cost savings with automation and understanding more about your business, you’ll need to ensure that your business strategy is inclusive of continuous innovation adoption. Lemongrass customers have successfully leveraged innovation in the following ways:

SAP-Centric Data Lakes

Data Lakes enable a “Corporate Memory” across SAP, non-SAP, and third-party data sets. Using the Lemongrass Data Lake Connector, our customers have been able to leverage Big Data technology across their SAP landscapes to:

  • Reduce Costs – Decrease SAP costs by reducing the amount of data held in memory and reducing SAP licensing and maintenance
  • Refactor Business Processes – By reengineering business processes, such as month-end close reports, across SAP and non-SAP applications, businesses can increase their visibility and access to valuable data in real-time. For example, replacing manual spreadsheet reporting with near real-time dashboards can take just a few weeks with Data Lake tools and technologies
  • Leverage Data Discovery – Merge SAP data traditionally held within the application database with non-SAP Enterprise data. Having access to both third-party and public data offers the ability to mine for pattern collations and trend analysis to predict future scenarios. For example, understanding the impact the weather could have on your business

SAP Clean Core

With the 2027 SAP S/4HANA deadline fast approaching, organizations need to start acting now to review customizations held or connected to their current SAP landscape. With SAP S/4HANA having approximately two major updates per year, the ability to rapidly adopt new versions, without the excessive cost of remediation, ensures you maintain your speed to adoption.

In addition, by migrating core business customizations that can’t be served by SAP S/4HANA functionality into Cloud-native platform technology, customers can continue to create the business extension needed to meet business processes. This can be done at a much lower TCO than maintaining and creating ZCODE items in SAP while ensuring that the SAP template is kept 100% standard and able to be updated easily within the maintenance windows.

Automate Anything

SAP has always been viewed as a complex, labor-intensive application. In fact, most of the cost of an SAP landscape sits in simply keeping the lights on. With the functionality to automate repetitive tasks, more time and skilled resource can be dedicated to innovation and utilization of the most advanced technologies in the marketplace. For example:

  • Transform repetitive SAP BASIS tasks into one-click automated procedures
  • Repetitive tasks for SAP and non-SAP are held within a dedicated customer library as “Golden Images”, impervious to human error, for total outcome assurance
  • Automation assurance and Automation runtime testing can be scheduled so even the Automation auto-tests itself to ensure the desired state outcome. In addition, any configuration drift is automatically identified

Go Beyond SAP

One of the key reasons to move your SAP systems to a hyperscale Cloud is the access to hundreds of additional platform services and technologies available through partners. When combined with SAP landscapes, your organization will be able to augment SAP well beyond its native functionality set.

The AI Collision Course

Lemongrass Sales Director Joe Campbell sits down with AI expert Dr. Daniel Hulme to discuss how AI will impact SAP customers and businesses more broadly. Tune in to gain a broader perspective on AI and learn:

  • How generative AI and large language models may disrupt ERPs like SAP
  • Recommendations for organizations that want to prepare for AI
  • The importance of identifying friction points across supply chains and operations to address with AI
  • How companies should structure themselves with agile methodologies, collective backlog of frictions, and a focus on building digital twins for adaptability

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