Advisory Services

Navigate the complexities of Cloud adoption and secure the benefits of operating SAP in the Cloud with expert guidance.

Securing the Transformational Benefits of SAP on Cloud

Leveraging the full potential of operating SAP in the Cloud is a major challenge for Enterprises because of the complexity involved in migrating and optimizing SAP operations in the Cloud. Organizations can struggle determining the right Cloud provider, selecting the appropriate Cloud services, and ensuring seamless integration with SAP and Cloud-native services. Additionally, optimizing performance, managing security, and achieving cost-efficiency in the Cloud can also be daunting tasks.

To overcome these challenges and secure the transformational benefits of operating SAP in the Cloud, SAP customers need specialized expertise and guidance throughout their Cloud journey.

Lemongrass Advisory Services

SAP on Cloud Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services provide SAP customers the specialized expertise, guidance, and ongoing support they need to overcome the challenges associated with migrating and optimizing SAP operations in the Cloud.  The approach of our Advisory Services is simple. Through a series of workshops and expert analysis, Lemongrass helps SAP customers:

  • Accelerate the selection of the right hyperscaler for their unique business needs
  • Build executive-level business cases with detailed one-time investment and future operating costs. Develop an execution strategy for a minimal downtime Cloud migration based on hundreds of successful migrations
  • Create tailored implementation plans for an operating model that allows clients to utilize cloud capabilities by focusing on automation enablement.

Expert Guidance Where You Need it

Organizations migrating their SAP workloads to the Cloud generally need clarity in three areas: Strategy & Planning, Operations & Cost Optimization, and Architecture & Data Analytics. Our Advisory services can help SAP customers address each area.  

Strategy & Planning

We provide a best-practice approach to the journey ahead based on your starting point and help your organization evaluate public Cloud options and emerging forms of automation to build a powerful, flexible IT architecture. For planning and business case development, we develop and identify a program strategy that maximizes upside while minimizing risk.

Operations & Cost Optimization

We define and develop a successful operating model by reducing toil and aligning IT with strategic objectives. We also help implement transparency into costs and value realization by continuously tracking capability realization and business benefits.

SAP Architecture & Data Analytics 

We first review your SAP architecture to identify pain points and assess modernization pathway options. We then identify and design high-value automation accelerators that help reduce operational loads and time-to-market barriers. Finally, we help unlock the full potential of your SAP data with cost-effective Cloud-native analytics solutions. 

A Trusted Advisor for the Journey Ahead

We believe SAP customers can accelerate Cloud adoption, take advantage of Cloud capabilities, and gain executive buy-in with a conscious and deliberate Cloud adoption strategy informed by an Advisor with deep understanding of all the key components involved in migrating and operating SAP in the Cloud.

Secure the best SAP on Cloud operating experience with our Advisory Services.

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