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Intelligent Onboarding

Intelligent Onboarding is a necessary stage for any workload’s lifecycle to open up the endless possibilities of modern cloud computing. A core component of the Lemongrass Cloud Platform is the power it has to support, simplify and accelerate the onboarding process.  

Intelligent Onboarding should be thought of in 2 distinct phases. First, you must assess and understand your SAP landscape and its customizations and complexities. Second, you need to plan and execute an approach under a proven governance model. Lemongrass uses its platform to expertly work with you through both of these phases. 

Intelligent Onboarding Lemongrass Cloud Platform
  • System Automation Core – LCP is, at its heart, an automation and orchestration platform. This means that tasks can be recorded and automated. They can also be repeated from one tier to the next and be used to drive documentation, such as run books or control sheets for follow on process. The System Automation Core is based on a proven scalable, secure, and low-cost approach optimized for SAP that is broad enough to cover all types of Windows and Linux-based workloads. 
  • Automation Factory – Lemongrass operates an “Automation Factory” to provide all Lemongrass projects, for both onboarding and operate, with a first set of principles and guide rails for consistent automation. This drives the standardization, and therefore reuse possibilities, into all areas of engagement. You can take advantage of this approach during the onboarding phase of any engagement, either in an advisory capacity or in a more hands-on way, to create specific activities such as, automated provisioning process to support your specific industry vertical.
  • SAP Migration Workbench – The SAP Migration workbench is a collection of services, best practice, and automation that supports the discovery of technical details through the automated deployment of target new systems in the Cloud. Each SAP SID to be migrated has its own separate technical project all connected and governed within the overall project governance area of LCP. The process takes an SAP system migration from discovering details like percentage of spreadable technical data and the SAP data model through to the near-zero downtime production data migration over the public internet. This can further be combined with an in-place upgrade, taking advantage of SAP standard tools. 
  • Integration Discovery – LCP Integration and Interface Discovery is about risk mitigation as much as it is about onboarding acceleration. It is very common for SAP users of all sizes to have a patchy catalog of all the interfaces they have coming into and out of their SAP environments. This can cause delays during a move to the Cloud. LCP assists Lemongrass experts in identifying and then cataloging these active running interfaces. The data is held securely in the platform and presented in a simple web-based UI allowing members of the project team to assign tasks and identify and mitigate any potential risks. As an example, there could be hardcoded interfaces that won’t allow automation to transfer into the new Cloud hosting environment. The solution is also fully integrated into the Project Governance area of LCP keeping all the right people in the know at all times.  
  • Project Planning and RAAID Control – LCP is the central control point of all activities, both automated and manual, across the typically hybrid teams made up of Lemongrass engineers and customer representatives. The framework allows teams to work securely in real-time with enterprise-grade integration to common identities and access management platforms such as Microsoft Work and Google Enterprise Accounts. The power lies in the integrated nature of the controls and the visibility that is provided to support this intelligent approach to workload onboarding. (RAAID = Risks, Assumption, Actions, Issues, Decisions)
  • Asset Register– The Cloud is a fast-paced, agile environment that allows for visibility and control to keep things in check. LCP provides you with a fully configurable register of assets to provide a backbone for you to build from. 

Intelligent Onboarding, a core component of the Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) optimizes the onboarding of customer workloads to the Cloud. LCP makes this process smarter as it provides customers and engineers with an understanding of the workloads subject to migration. SAP systems with large databases need significant analysis before the migration to ensure that the actual migration has minimal impact on the system’s end users. This is where the LCP SAP Migration Workbench kicks in: migration engineers leverage it to analyze the systems and to plan and execute the migration. Once configured, the Workbench uses the LCP System Automation Core to log into the systems, retrieve crucial database table metadata and check the system for migration readiness.

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