Optimize Costs by Migrating and Operating Your SAP Systems on AWS

It’s a well-known fact that the migration of SAP systems to the Cloud presents a transformative opportunity for enterprises looking to reduce costs, maximize operational resiliency, increase staff productivity and extract greater value from their SAP data through access to advanced analytics tools and technologies.

Migrating your SAP systems to AWS can help enterprises optimize their systems even further and potentially cut associated costs in half. Exiting data centers and embracing an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model delivers metered cost plans so businesses only pay services when they use them. Enterprises also enjoy further cost savings as a direct result of reduced need for operational support, licensing, improved business availability, and faster project cycle times.

Where and how can the most cost optimizations be achieved?

  • Data Center exit​
  • Reduced operational support
  • Simplification and license reduction
  • Improved business availability​
  • Reduced project cycle times

“Top 5” business improvements you can expect from migrating and operating your SAP systems on AWS

  1. Optimized SAP Operations – Our clients have saved on average 60% on SAP operations post-migration immediately (SAP infrastructure, SAP support, SAP management, etc.)
  2. A Quick Return on Your Migration Investment – For many of our clients, the migration investment pays for itself in the first full year of operation.
  3. Ongoing Change & Development Driving Additional Savings – Our clients see 40% cost saving on ongoing change and development work.
  4. Application Archiving Cutting Costs – Our clients see dramatic cost reductions from switching to cost-effective OS/DB, leveraging scheduling, and implementing an Application Archiving solution for legacy applications that delivers 80% + TCO.
  5. Additional Saving with Continuous Optimizing, Automating & Innovating 100% of our customers see monthly cost optimizations from platform tuning, innovation & new releases.