SAP on Cloud.

Hyperscale. Hyperspeed. Hypercare.

Lemongrass is a software-enabled services provider, synonymous with SAP on Cloud. With services including end-to-end support for the entire customer lifecycle spanning Planning, Migration, Operation, and Innovation, we help customers execute strategic plans and achieve their desired outcomes from moving their SAP systems to the Cloud.

Through our Services and Automation, we can help you:

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Reduce Costs

Cost Savings of 40% or more

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Increase Agility

Increase agility through DevOps and self-service SAP landscape management

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Drive Innovation

Extend SAP with innovations such as, IoT, Data Lake, AI & Machine-Learning

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Improve Service Quality

Automated operation improves stability and takes the “noise” out of your SAP landscape

Transforming the SAP Ownership Experience on Hyperscale Cloud

Download our latest eBook to discover the key considerations and actions to ensure your SAP on Cloud journey is a success, from compelling business case creation through to continuous improvement and innovation. Start realizing new and greater value from your SAP operations in just a matter of months.

SAP Automation is Essential

SAP Automation is at the core of everything we do at Lemongrass. It not only allows you to do things automatically, remotely and quickly, but also with more quality. Quality builds are essential for installed systems like SAP.

Customer Success: Near-Zero Downtime Migration

Downtime and disruption to production and project systems is the last thing any organization wants during a migration to the Cloud. Learn about how Lemongrass migrated 65% of Covestro’s SAP systems in just 5 months, including several business-critical applications with a required availability of 99.95%.

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Application Archiving

Reduce the cost of legacy SAP estates by as much as 90%
The Lemongrass Application Archiving Solution ensures SAP system data is cost-effectively stored in the Cloud and is easily accessible on demand.

Our Customers

Our customer roster is made up of market leaders across a variety of industries including Healthcare, Consumer Products, Hospitality and more.

Join Our Team

If you are looking for a career where you can impact, influence and advance next-generation trends with other forward-thinking SAP and Cloud technologists, then it’s time to consider a career at Lemongrass.