Migrate the Largest and Most Complex SAP Environments with Near-Zero Downtime

Minimizing Business Disruption During SAP Cloud Migrations with LCP Migrate

LCP Migrate

Enterprises migrating large, complex SAP environments to the Cloud often face a significant challenge—minimizing business disruption throughout the migration process. With our patent-pending LCP Migrate solution, organizations can migrate the largest and most complex SAP environments to the Cloud with near-zero downtime.

Unlike traditional migration approaches which fail to address extended downtime in large SAP migrations due to an over-reliance on manual intervention, LCP Migrate leverages automation and predefined workflows to enable a seamless and non-disruptive transition to the Cloud. This eliminates the costs associated with extended downtime and allows organizations to leverage the full benefits of the Cloud faster.

Built for the Largest and Most Complex SAP Estates

Underpinned by our automation orchestration platform, Lemongrass Cloud Platform, LCP Migrate empowers organizations to migrate complex SAP estates with large databases seamlessly. With LCP Migrate, environments with databases ranging from 10TB to over 150TB can be migrated in 4 to 12 hours of downtime.

Instead of facing the prospect of migrating a 120 TB database to the Cloud over the course of a week, for example, LCP Migrate can cut that time down to just a few hours thanks to the systematic and consistent process enabled by LCP Migrate, and we can facilitate the transition within a guaranteed downtime window of your choosing.

How LCP Migrate Works

A significant amount of the downtime associated with Cloud migrations can be attributed to the process of migrating databases. Data must be transferred from on-premises to the Cloud during a migration. This data transfer involves multiple steps, including data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL), which can take considerable time. And for larger databases, the sheer volume of data being migrated naturally leads to more downtime.

Through automation and predefined workflows, LCP Migrate deploys an enhanced SAP OS/DB migration procedure that delivers up to an 80% reduction in technical downtime for large SAP environments. With this enhanced OS/DB migration procedure, we ensure static and stable data in your SAP environment is migrated during system uptime. This type of data accounts for over 80% of a typical SAP database. The remaining data is migrated during the system downtime phase.

This process reduces technical downtime and alleviates the stress of high-volume data migration during the Cutover window, eliminating the risk of unexpected software, hardware, and failures while ensuring 100% data integrity.

LCP Migrate Use Cases

LCP Migrate utilizes standard SAP tools and best practices, adhering to SAP guidelines to facilitate a smooth and cost-effective migration tailored to your needs. With LCP Migrate you can:

  • Execute a Seamless Data Migration from older OS: Migrate large SAP systems from old platforms like HP-UX, AIX, z/OS, Solaris, etc., during normal business operations, reducing technical migration time by 80% while maintaining data integrity and consistency.
  • Migrate to HANA with Minimal Downtime: Execute a heterogeneous database migration to HANA and keep the technical downtime to less than 20% of the traditional SAP migration approach.
  • Database Optimization for Performance: Optimize your database size for improved performance and cost reduction with significantly reduced downtime.
  • Ensuring Security and Compliance: Migrate very large historical non-Unicode SAP systems (R/3 4.0x/4.6x) to a higher Unicode-enabled version with significantly reduced technical downtime, ensuring security and compliance requirements are met.
  • Upgrade with Ease: Upgrade your SAP application version while migrating to the Cloud, utilizing LCP Migrate as a plugin for SAP standard SUM-DMO to handle large tables, resulting in significantly lower technical downtime.

Streamline the Migration of your SAP Systems with LCP Migrate

With LCP Migrate, you can efficiently migrate your large SAP estate to the Cloud without disrupting your business operations. Speak to our experts to learn how LCP Migrate can accelerate your journey to the Cloud.

Migrate the Largest and Most Complex SAP Environments with Near-Zero Downtime