Data Sheets

Ransomware Recovery

Lemongrass Ransomware Recovery

Lemongrass Ransomware recovery provides quick recovery of business operations, learn more about the challenges, solutions, and benefits.

SAP on AWS Health Assessment

SAP on AWS Health Assessment

The Lemongrass SAP on AWS Health Assessment will help you reduce operational costs, innovate at a faster pace, improve performance, reliability, and security posture.

Self-Service Start & Stop of Workloads on AWS

Self-Service Start & Stop of Workloads on Cloud

The Lemongrass Cloud Platform Self-Service Portal gives users control over their managed systems and removes the need for service requests, immediately enhancing business agility.

Lemongrass Corporate Overview

Lemongrass Corporate Overview

Our mission is to help customers reduce costs, increase agility, improve service quality and accelerate innovation by migrating, operating and automating their SAP systems on AWS.


Lemongrass Polaris Program

Funding options bundled with a suite of automation-enabled Migration services.


Lemongrass Application Archiving

Application Archiving allows you to cost-effectively maintain archived system data, meet your legal data retention obligations by migrating data to AWS.

SAP on AWS Security compliance

Lemongrass Security Framework

Access and Elevate Your Security on Your SAP® on AWS Systems