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SAP on AWS Innovation

SAP on AWS Innovation News: September 2021

SAP on AWS Innovation News: Features, new releases, capabilities, and market updates that drive innovation and optimization into SAP-Centric workloads on AWS.

Symphony IT

Symphonic IT

Orchestra symphonies to harmonizing your SAP infrastructure, Ben Lingwood talks agility, Cloud operations, and changing the tune as required.

innovation sap automation

There’s No Innovation Without Automation

Cloud offers great opportunities for enterprises to access transformational innovation, however, there’s no innovation without automation according to Eamonn O’Neill.

too cool for SAP on AWS

Are you too cool for SAP?

Are you too cool for SAP? Mark Hirst talks about mixing age, experience, and thinking, providing modern, adaptive, and continuously improved services for clients who ultimately gain greater value and achieve much more – a win/win for all.

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