SAP on Google Cloud

By partnering with Google Cloud, Lemongrass is committing to helping customers run SAP on Google Cloud’s scalable, flexible, and sustainable infrastructure. Lemongrass’s deep technical understanding of SAP and a highly experienced team are well equipped to deliver all the key benefits Google Cloud has to offer.

Why SAP customers choose Google Cloud:

According to the IDC: Business Value of Google Cloud for SAP Environments report, Google Cloud customers:

  • Saw 46% lower cost of operations by running equivalent SAP environments on Google Cloud;
  • Enabled IT infrastructure, database, and security teams to work 56% more efficiently and effectively;
  • Minimized productivity and revenue losses by 98% associated with unplanned outages; and
  • Achieved three-year benefits of $4.8 million per organization based on infrastructure cost savings, staff efficiencies, and employee productivity and revenue gains as described.
Google Cloud Partner

Why choose Lemongrass for SAP on Google Cloud

Like Google, Lemongrass’s solutions place emphasizes on customer choice, flexibility, and freedom to help our SAP customers get greater ROI from their cloud investments in four ways:

  • Plan: Execute seamless business transformations that deliver all of the benefits of modern, cloud-native applications and services—quickly, economically, and without disrupting day-to-day operations
  • Migrate: Move your critical business systems to the cloud, in order to lock in OpEx savings and refocus your IT teams on strategic business technology initiatives
  • Operate: Substantially reduce cost, get close to zero-downtime reliable operations and increase business and IT flexibility through a focus on continuous improvement in the operations of your SAP systems
  • Innovate: Augment existing business systems with cloud capabilities in AI, ML, and analytics

Google Cloud recently announced an expanded partnership with SAP to help customers run their business-critical SAP workloads at a global scale on Google Cloud. Through our new partnership with Google Cloud, Lemongrass aims to significantly accelerate SAP migrations for enterprise customers.  

A Track Record of Success

SAP is our is business. We understand and can assess your SAP infrastructure and quickly identify challenges, tasks which can be readily done, and identify immediate cost savings. This singular focus on SAP ensures all recommendations are relevant and viewed through the lens of SAP best practices and standards.

The Lemongrass team has prodigious skill in SAP with nearly 6,000 SAP servers under its hypercare management and over 300,000 SAP users currently being supported. The Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) enables near zero downtime migrations to Cloud and differentiated Managed Services for SAP and its related workloads.

“Lemongrass provides leading migration support and managed services for SAP, and their expertise will help businesses benefit at scale from Google Cloud’s global infrastructure, and capabilities in AI, ML, and analytics.” 
Rob Enslin, President at Google Cloud

SAP on Google Cloud Services Portfolio

We continuously improve our overall Migration & Operate methodologies to continue to drive up quality and agility while managing risk. Our methods are based on our world-class automation platform, LCP, which aligns to whichever DevOps toolchain each customer prefers for deployment for SAP. Our portfolio of services includes:

Planning your SAP Migration to Google Cloud

Migrating SAP Applications to Google Cloud

Operating SAP Applications to Google Cloud

Get Started

Lemongrass offers a SAP on Cloud Exploratory Workshop that allows you to get kick-started on your journey to the Cloud. This involves a series of deep dives from which we produce the following for your detailed Business Case:

  • Target Architecture – Leveraging SAP, Google, and Lemongrass Best Practices, we design a Target Architecture for your SAP on Google Cloud. This includes Product Versions, Sizing, Layouts, High-Availability, Disaster Recovery, Backup and Restore, and Uptime designs
  • IaaS Run Cost Model – Based on the Target Architecture and any other agreements with Google Cloud, we create a 3-year IaaS Cost Model for the landscape
  • Migration Approach – We work with you to select the appropriate migration approach per SAP system to balance downtime duration, cost, and transformation objectives
  • Migration Plan – The migration approaches are combined with key milestones to generate a migration schedule with a supporting migration cost
  • Target Operating Model – Based on your partner strategy, the Target Operating Model shows which capabilities need to be in place, and delivered by which party, in order to successfully manage the landscape on Google Cloud
  • Operate Run Costs – The ongoing costs to manage SAP on Google Cloud, based on the Target Operating Model
  • Further Advice – We identify additional recommendations to help prepare and execute your migration to Google Cloud

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