Intelligent Operate

Once your systems are onboarded or ‘migrated’ to AWS, the sometimes difficult and time-consuming task of operating them begins. Fortunately, a cloud environment with true hyper-scale capabilities, like AWS, is an excellent option to run and extend SAP landscapes. 

Over the past 10 years, Lemongrass has grown its expertise in managing SAP workloads on AWS, with a focus on agility, cost reduction, and predictable results. All the learnings from previous years are wrapped up in our Intelligent  Operate Service. Our experienced engineers are backed up at all stages by our tooling and automation which collectively form LCP.

We take monitoring and alerting very seriously at Lemongrass and use the data provided to inform both manual and automated actions, often entirely avoiding situations that would have previously caused workload issues. We constantly apply proven financial governance and control to keep your systems running at their peak while taking full advantage of any other available approach to keep the costs as low as possible including: 

  • Event Prediction – In the past, market leaders had event monitoring set for only a few key metrics. In today’s world that is considered old-school thinking. Lemongrass employs several layers of monitoring, all feeding into a central  Data Lake  separated by the customer, that is analyzed by both human experts and machines. We use the data to predict events even before they occur. For example, file system full events that can cause serious issues for running systems can now be predicted and defused before they occur. 
  • Self Service - The Operate Service offered by Lemongrass can be tailored to the individual needs of our customers. One aspect of this is to enable the users of the customer to directly interact with our tools should they wish to do so. As an example, customers users can start or stop and the entire SAP landscape with a simple UI controlled with roles-based permissions. 
  • Self-Healing - Self-Healing can be interpreted in two ways. It can mean reacting to events, such as extending a volume if it looks to be filling up, or prevention by design. Prevention by design is based on the concept that, during the build of the system, measures are taken to ensure that system will deliver the value anticipated over the long term. For example, building SAP HANA as a cluster even if it contains a single system. If deployed in this way, it far easier and much more efficient to scale a system when needed and then shrink it when it is no longer necessary. LCP has the methods and tools to make building and operating in an elastic way much easier.
  • Action Library - Operating to standards drives down the likelihood of unforeseen and undesirable situations. One of the ways Lemongrass achieves this is to capture both manual and automation actions in centralized tools. This makes doing the right thing from a standards point of view easy and therefore less costly. In turn, this allows us to offer a continually improving service based on lessons learned and experience.  
  • Financial Control - Many customers want to take full advantage of the new agility that hosting on the cloud brings. The other side of the coin is often how to control costs while still encouraging innovation. LCP can help by providing all the data points necessary to make informed and actionable decisions.  
  • Monitoring - Customers have access to monitoring data from Day One and throughout the life span of the Operate engagement. This covers areas from the financial performance against budgets to running processes on individual servers. You can create alerts against as many data points you wish, in a self-serve way or you can leave it to Lemongrass as part of a complete Operate service. 

Let us help you optimize your SAP on AWS technology spend with a solution that fits your business.

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Let us help you optimize your SAP on AWS technology spend with a solution that fits your business.