Your SAP system is global, enterprise wide and business critical

Talk to us about a low disruption , near-zero downtime migration to Hyperscale Cloud.

Migration to Cloud

Move Your SAP Systems to the Cloud with Confidence​​

Since 2015, Lemongrass has successfully migrated nearly 8,000 large enterprise SAP systems of all sizes, complexities, products, versions, and criticalities, to the Cloud. For most of our clients, the decision to move from traditional on-premise infrastructure to a public Cloud is not simply driven by a need to refresh the data center, it’s driven by a desire to fix the more challenging aspects of SAP such as cost of ownership, cost and time to change, and the need for increased agility.

Common Migration Drivers

migrate to cloud, common migration drivers

The Migration to Cloud phase is critical in ensuring these desired outcomes are carefully considered and incorporated into the architecture and services we build and run for them on the Cloud. These benefits include:

  • Dramatically reduced cost of ownership (between 50% and 80%)
  • Increased SAP resilience and up-time with near-zero downtime operations
  • Reduced project cost and cycle time through SAP DevOps 
  • Reduced development tracks through automated landscape provisioning
  • Increased capacity to support M&As, projects, and upgrades
  • Access to a world of innovation such as automation, Data Lakes, and AI
  • Industry-leading levels of security
  • Reliable and inexpensive Disaster Recovery

Our experience and outcome-focused methodology ensures whatever outcome you are looking for it is built-in and tracked from Day One.  

Low Disruption Near-Zero Downtime Migration 

Your SAP system is global, enterprise-wide and business-critical. You also may have multiple development projects in flight and a demanding maintenance schedule. Downtime and disruption to production and project systems is the last thing you need. The automation built into our Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) means that for even the very largest databases, downtime can be measured in hours and in many instances is near-zero.  

Migration Automation

At Lemongrass, we aim to automate everything we do. We believe this is the only way that the benefits of SAP running in a hyperscale Cloud, can be delivered. Our automation platform, LCP, is a very unique and SAP-focused suite of automation tools that ensure your migration is:

rapid delivery sap migration automation

Delivered as rapidly as possible through automated system builds

near zero downtime

Delivered with Near-Zero Downtime

well architected framework

Well-architected, consistent, manageable and validated through standard patterns

cloud optimized

Cloud Optimized

Financial Incentives

We recognize that the cost of migration is a major challenge for some of our clients when considering modernizing your systems by moving them to the Cloud. Together with our partners, AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud, Lemongrass offers a number of financial incentives and accelerators to reduce up-front investment requirements.

Let us prove we can migrate your most critical SAP workloads to the Cloud and you too can transform your SAP ownership experience. In many cases, depending upon size, we can complete a rapid proof of concept completely free of charge.


Learn how to adopt automation to reduce costs, increase agility and enable continuous innovation.