SAP on Azure

Bring the intelligence, security, reliability, and innovation of Azure to your SAP workloads.

A Winning Track Record

As a holder of the SAP on Azure Advanced Specialization competency and a three-time winner of Microsoft’s MSUS Partner Award for SAP on Azure solutions, Lemongrass boasts a successful track record of not only migrating and operating SAP on Azure but enhancing the experience of SAP customers by helping you throughout your Digital transformation journey.

Near-Zero Downtime SAP on Azure Migrations

The less disruption to your business during a migration, the better. Irrespective of size of your database, our near-zero downtime solution guarantees a minimal technical downtime window for your SAP landscape migration to Azure. It is a unique solution in the market because it can be deployed without impacting your source DB-server – something other solutions tend to overload. And once your SAP systems are up and running on Azure, we ensure your organization can take advantage of the tools and data platforms that Azure has to offer.

SAP on Azure Case Study

Pactiv Evergreen, a leading manufacturer and distributor of fresh food and beverage packaging, made the strategic decision to migrate its SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure as part of a multi-year Cloud Migration Program (CMP).

Pactiv Evergreen SAP on Microsoft Azure case study

Migrate with an Efficient And Fail-Proof Approach

We turn your ambition to operate in the Cloud into reality with an efficient, fail-proof approach to migrating SAP workloads to Azure. Each phase of our approach moves you one step closer to your goals.

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Accelerate your SAP migration to Azure

The Azure migration strategy and methodology you deploy are critical to a successful migration. Underpinned by automation tooling from our Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) and our proven methodology, our SAP on Azure Migrate solution enables organizations to migrate SAP to Azure with near-zero downtime and realize the benefits of SAP on Azure. Learn more > Migrate SAP to Azure

Realize Operational Excellence with SAP on Azure Operate Services

After completing an SAP migration to Azure, most organizations face the challenge of managing the upside of infinite capacity with a downside of infinite cost. To manage this challenge and optimize their SAP on Azure operations, many of our customers opt to outsource the ongoing day-to-day management of their SAP systems to Lemongrass. Learn more > Operate SAP on Azure

DevOps for SAP on Azure

Realizing the benefits of SAP on Azure requires more than an infrastructure migration. DevOps for SAP can help organizations unlock the full benefits of Azure. Lemongrass offers a DevOps as a Service model that enables you to get started quickly and immediately realize increased speed and agility and reduced costs. Learn more > DevOps for SAP on Azure

Application Archiving on Azure

Legacy systems out of support or deriving from an acquisition are often very cost-intensive to maintain. Our Application Archiving Solution for both SAP and non-SAP solutions is simple and delivers a significant return on investment by reducing the cost of your legacy SAP estate by as much as 90% on Azure. Learn more > Application Archiving on Azure

Lemongrass Rise+ on Azure

Lemongrass Rise+ ensures that the process to migrate SAP systems and integrate ancillary SAP and non-SAP systems to RISE with SAP is seamless and rapidly enables the benefits of the Cloud, including accelerating the enablement of Azure-native tooling and services. Learn more > Migrate to RISE with Lemongrass RISE+ on Azure

Unlock the full benefits of SAP on Azure.

Your Cloud transformation journey doesn’t end after a migration. It’s just getting started.

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