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Lemongrass will produce a tailored report to help you make an informed decision faster with less risk to your business.

SAP to the Cloud Migration Assessment

If you are considering migrating SAP to a hyperscaler Cloud, your business must make a fully informed decision about the best way forward with your Cloud Strategy, especially when migrating these mission-critical workloads.

How We Can Help 
Lemongrass can help you by engaging with your technical team to better understand your current landscape, challenges, and business goals. Our team will work with you to look at things such as product versions, current configurations, and layout to assess what your requirements are. We can advise you on how to layer the architecture in such a way that it can be agile, demonstrate how to adopt automation to do things more quickly, and for upgrades, we can recommend the best and latest product versions.

migration assessment

We also evaluate the target environment you want to set up and consider whether your organization should move to SAP S/4HANA, or if there is a business requirement to upgrade or decommission systems. We identify any key risks in the migration, determine how best to mitigate them, and most importantly, we identify what benefits you are looking to achieve, and how to achieve them.

How We Do It 
We do this through a series of interviews with your IT team. We then analyze the data and other information collected and produce a detailed report in five business days. The report incorporates key data needed for you to make an informed decision about migrating to the Cloud including:

  • All identified risks and mitigations 
  • A detailed target architecture
  • A migration plan including the cost
  • An estimated annual run cost of your landscape on the Cloud

Optional Proof of Concept 
We also offer a  Proof of Concept  if you’re interested in seeing some of your organization’s own systems running in a public Cloud environment. In our Proof of Concept, we can demonstrate the improved performance of your systems and illustrate how best to mitigate any of the risks identified in the Migration Assessment.

Better understand your current landscape, challenges, and business goals with an SAP to Cloud Migration Assessment.