SAP to Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

Getting Started – How to Modernize Your SAP Landscape

SAP modernization is a top-of-mind priority for many organizations. When considering a critical initiative like an SAP Cloud migration, it’s common to begin with more questions than answers. How do you modernize your SAP systems in the Cloud? How do you realize all the benefits of running in the Cloud? What are the risks of migration and how can you avoid them?

These are just some of the questions you may need answers to.

There’s also the driving factor of the 2027 SAP support deadline pushing organizations to start thinking about the move to SAP S/4HANA.

Whatever your objectives are, our SAP on Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment will give you clarity regarding each step of your SAP modernization journey, enabling you to start your journey towards becoming more data-driven, resilient and responsive to changing demand.

SAP to Cloud – Migration Readiness Assessment

Key Questions Answered

As part of the SAP to Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment, Lemongrass will work with your team to produce a report tailored to help you make informed decisions, faster and with less risk at each stage of your SAP on Cloud journey. This assessment quickly delivers valuable data in the following areas:

Steps Involved in the Assessment

Step One: Customers will first complete a guided questionnaire from Lemongrass to prepare for the assessment.

Step Two: Lemongrass will then schedule a 45-minute interview with an SAP Technical Architect to confirm the technical landscape, and discuss current operating model challenges, and roadmap for existing SAP initiatives.

Step Three: The inputs will help build a comprehensive Cloud migration readiness report.

Valuable Data at Your Fingertips: The report can be ready within 5 days of our first conversation.

It’s never too early to start mapping out your SAP on Cloud journey. Take the first steps today by registering for our SAP to Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment.

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