SAP to AWS Migration Readiness Assessment

SAP modernization is one of the top-of-mind priorities for many organizations. This is driven by a combination of factors, including the 2027 Business Suite maintenance support deadline announced by SAP and the need for organizations to become more data-driven, resilient and responsive to changing demand. SAP migration and modernization is not a small undertaking and customers face a variety of choices when choosing where and how to run their SAP estates.

When considering what could be a very complex move, many businesses need the help of an expert to understand the benefits and how to achieve them, along with the risks, and how to avoid them.

With this offer, Lemongrass will work with customers to produce a tailored report to help make an informed decision, faster and with less risk to the business. This offer quickly delivers valuable data back to customers on the following key areas:

Business Case: What will it cost?

  • What are the costs to migrate to AWS?
  • What are the costs to operate SAP on AWS?
  • What landscape optimization opportunities exist to reduce operating costs?
  • What are the license implications with a move to AWS?
  • How to control variable spend for SAP?

Operational Excellence: How can I improve my services?

  • How to improve landscape resilience?
  • How to automate operations on AWS for SAP?
  • How to ensure adherence to world-class security standards?

Innovation: How can I continue to drive benefits across the business over the long term?

  • How to drive Agility for SAP users?
  • What areas of Cloud Innovation can be targeted early in my Roadmap?
  • How does AWS integrate with SAP Cloud Platform?
  • How to get to S/4 with AWS?

Engagement: So, how do I get started?

To prepare the assessment, customers will first complete a guided questionnaire from Lemongrass which should take about 2 hours to complete.
Lemongrass will then schedule a 45-minute interview with the SAP Technical Architect to confirm the technical landscape, discuss current operating model challenges, and a roadmap for existing SAP initiatives. The inputs will help build a comprehensive Cloud Migration Readiness Report that includes:

  • Results for the TCO Model
  • Key Recommendations on Cost, Operational Excellence, and Innovation
  • A suggested timeline for migration to AWS and Cloud adoption
  • A list of relevant Best Practice reference material your team can start to digest and kick off initial training with SAP on AWS.

It’s this fast….

The report can be ready within 5 days of our first conversation.

And, it’s this easy.

Let us help you to modernize and optimize your SAP to reduce SAP operating costs and increase performance. We look forward to taking this first step with you!