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Lemongrass Cloud Platform

Once your SAP-centric IT is digitalized, you will gain access to the best in automation, self-service, Machine Learning and AI. To help you on that journey, and to give you the best automated SAP experience possible, Lemongrass has developed and continues to evolve its Cloud Platform for SAP on AWS. 

The Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) is a governance, monitoring and automation solution that leverages proven methods for Onboarding to AWS cloud services and enables optimized operations for SAP and its related workloads. What could take years to automate in-house can be done at the click of a button with LCP. And, there is no artificial tie-in as LCP is a mature and separately licensed solution that is available to customers and partners alike. In addition, we co-develop our Cloud Platform with our customers and continuously evolve it as we gain new experiences and discover new use cases. 

Plan: Use LCP to execute your integration and asset discovery and manage resolution through our integration catalogues and asset registers. 

Migrate: When you are ready to migrate SAP systems to AWS, you can use LCP to execute any-to-any SAP database and operating system migrations with NZDT near-zero downtime. 

Operate: With LCP, you can create your AWS Landing Zone and AMIs, deploy SAP and create backup and disaster recovery patterns in an automated manner. Our platform provides near-zero downtime maintenance for SAP on HANA and ASE and makes agile operation easier with its automation, task structuring and knowledge-sharing functionality. For example, our SAP start/stop cockpit allows you to manage the uptime of all your applications in one place. 

Collaborate, Govern and Secure: LCP provides SAP on AWS environments the controls to closely watch and manage costs. We do this through a collection of tools, including alerts and budgets to plan and manage AWS accounts spend. This can be used to predict and correct overspend as well as to identify incorrect provisioning or unexpected cost changes. 

To keep your environment secure, LCP ensures only authorized people can procure assets on AWS. It also executes automated checks on security policy compliance and monitors and delivers alerts on backup execution so that you can be sure your systems are always recoverable. 

Watch a video on LCP Business Orchestration.

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