Transforming the SAP Ownership Experience on Hyperscale Cloud.

Map out your SAP on Cloud journey

Cloud Platforms:

Migrating SAP systems to a Hyperscale Cloud platform enables enterprises to operate with greater agility, flexibility, and scalability while improving operational resiliency and security. 

At Lemongrass, our services are designed to help you realize the full benefits of operating on Hyperscale Cloud. We can help you Plan, Migrate, Operate, and Innovate your SAP Systems on the Hyperscale Cloud platform of your choice.


Modernize your SAP systems on AWS for greater agility, scalability, and innovation

Navigating an SAP Cloud migration is complex. As an AWS Premier Partner with over 10 certifications on the AWS platform, we can help you avoid the common pitfalls that cause SAP on AWS migrations to stall or fail. A minimum technical downtime migration is also guaranteed thanks to our methodology and migration automation tool, LCP Migrate. 

SAP on Azure

Run SAP with more intelligence, reliability, security, and innovation on Azure

As a holder of the SAP on Azure Advanced Specialization competency and a three-time winner of Microsoft’s MSUS Partner Award for SAP on Azure solutions, Lemongrass boasts a successful track record of not only migrating and operating SAP on Azure but enhancing the experience of running SAP on Azure as well. 

SAP on Google Cloud

Transform your SAP operations with greater agility, reliability, and innovation on Google Cloud

We accelerate your Cloud Journey with an efficient, fail-proof approach to migrating SAP workloads to Google Cloud. Each phase of our approach moves you one step closer to operating on Google Cloud’s future-proof, secure, and low-latency environment

Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP)

Realize operational efficiency with SAP on Cloud Automation

The Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) is a governance, monitoring, and automation solution that leverages proven methods for Cloud onboarding and enables optimized operations for SAP and its related workloads. What could take years to automate in-house can be done at the click of a button with LCP.

Intelligent Onboarding: Support, simplify and accelerate the onboarding process with Lemongrass Cloud Platform

Intelligent Onboarding is a necessary stage for any workload’s lifecycle to open the endless possibilities of hyperscale Cloud. With LCP automation, we support, simplify and accelerate the onboarding process.  

Intelligent Operate: Operate your SAP workloads on Cloud in an agile and predictable way to control spend and increase efficiency.

Once your systems are migrated to the Cloud, the complex task of operating them begins. Our Intelligent Operate service takes the complexity out of operating SAP on Hyperscale Cloud while helping you run SAP with more agility, control cloud spend, and standardize your operations. 

Intelligent Finance: Manage costs without compromising innovation

A common concern for enterprises is the inability to monitor and control Cloud costs. Supported by the financial analysis and protection capabilities of Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP), we have a proven pattern to limit your exposure to excessive or non-value-add cost increases, enabling greater efficiency and maximizing the benefit of running your SAP systems in the Cloud.