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SAP on Cloud Discovery Workshop

Are You Planning to Migrate and Operate Your SAP Workloads on the Cloud?

We invite you to take part in our exclusive SAP on Cloud exploratory workshop with a team of Cloud and SAP specialists from Lemongrass. During this workshop, Lemongrass SAP experts will help you identify key components to create a full solution to understand, justify and plan to migrate your SAP systems to the Cloud.

SAP on Cloud Exploratory Workshop

The workshop will help us provide you with answers for the following:

Identifying Your Business Case: What will it cost?

Our team will work with you to help build your business case and identify your total estimated costs to migrate to the Cloud or operate SAP on the Cloud, as well as if there are any landscape optimization opportunities to reduce your current operating spend. We’ll also review the license implications and how to control your variable spend for SAP. In a nutshell – all of your relevant costs will be covered and itemized.

Operational Excellence: How can we improve our services?

We’ll work to help you not only identify costs, but to better understand your ecosystem and create a pathway to improve your overall operational excellence. Insight into how to improve your landscape resilience, automate operations on a hyperscaler platform, and ensure adherence to world-class security standards will be provided.

Continuous Innovation: How do we continue to drive benefits across our business over the long-term?

A truly effective plan for migrating or operating SAP on Cloud always includes a pathway for continuous innovation. Our SAP team will provide you with a clear plan for how to how to drive agility for SAP users, highlight areas of Cloud innovation that can be targeted along your roadmap, define how your selected hyperscaler platform will integrate with your SAP platform, and also how to get cost-effectively and efficiently get to SAP S/4HANA on time. 

Engagement: So, how do I get started?

Fill out the form provided on the page and a member of our SAP innovation team will reach out to you to provide you with further details, information and deliverables to schedule time with our solution experts to conduct your 1:1 workshop. 

During the workshop, which typically takes no more than 2 hours, our innovation experts will work directly with you to help craft your customized plan – providing a custom set of recommendations created explicitly for you to maximize the opportunities that would result from migrating and operating your SAP workloads on a hyperscale Cloud.

The end result?
Your custom report will be delivered within a week’s time after your sessions and you’ll be equipped with all of the tools and information necessary to make the best decision regarding your first, next steps on your journey towards SAP on Cloud.

Contact our team directly to learn more and speak with an SAP innovation specialist.