Let us help you build a strong Business Case for migrating your SAP systems to the Cloud

Our comprehensive Business Case will help you develop a plan to operate your SAP systems with greater agility while minimizing costs.

Business Case Creation

Building a Business Case

When deciding to migrate to the Cloud, most enterprises are expected to produce a quantified Business Case to justify the impact to the business to internal stakeholders. Lemongrass can help you assemble the Business Case by looking at both the tangible benefits, such as cost savings and service improvements, as well as the intangible savings around access to continuous innovation.

Discovery Process

We look at the quantifiable elements of the Business Case and compare these against current spend to produce target expected running costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over a period of time and the potential ROI.

If you are currently running SAP HEC to host SAP and are invoiced monthly, it’s easy to just compare costs and calculate the savings that can be derived from moving your SAP to the Cloud and use that as your Business Case. But, if you are not sure what your total spend is today, we can help you navigate the process of building your Business Case by estimating your IT costs to gauge the significant improvements your organization can achieve by choosing to move to a hyperscale Cloud solution.

Business Case Creation, Cloud Strategy

Optional Migration Assessment

If you don’t have visibility to all of the costs of hosting internally, or if your business has recently merged or acquired other companies, a Migration Assessment can help you create a model that can estimate your current IT spend and per annum renewal costs. This “real-life” information makes for a much more compelling and complete Business Case. 


Within just two weeks of working with your team, Lemongrass will deliver a Business Case report to your organization. Alternatively, we are also happy to contribute data to your standard company template. 

Let us help inform your decisions and build a strong Business Case with a detailed cost comparison and other useful statistics and scenarios.

Estimate costs and gauge the improvements you can achieve by choosing to move SAP to the Cloud.