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SAP Analytics Accelerators

Breaking down the silos

The Cloud offers an unprecedented opportunity for business to leverage Cloud-native solutions to unlock insights and derive business outcomes from their data. IDC, Gartner and other analyst groups agree that companies who leverage their data for insights are in a better position to make strategic, data-driven decisions to respond to market conditions more rapidly.

“Digital business transformation is the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create a robust, new digital business model. In crafting a platform to achieve these outcomes, organizations must rely on and exploit intelligent decision making, for which D&A is vital.” 

Leverage Data and Analytics Efficiently to Improve Digital Business Outcomes: Gartner, July 2020

The Lemongrass Solution

Lemongrass has built an agile data service offering to rapidly enable critical SAP data to be easily accessed and enriched and allow companies to innovate and differentiate by leveraging Cloud-native data services like Data Lakes, Cloud analytics, modern data lake houses, Machine Learning and AI.

Lemongrass SAP Analytics Accelerators  are a combination of Reference Architectures, Deployment Accelerators and Data Integration Scenarios that accelerate insights and outcomes for specific business cases. These tools provide what is needed to start analyzing your SAP data on a hyperscaler analytics platform, adhering to typical enterprise best practices.

Reference architecture, accelerator and data integration


Rapid Time to Value

  • Quick setup of connection from source SAP to native Cloud using the Deployment Accelerators
  • Short-cut data modeling by using our templates
  • Typical initial prototype setup in 4 weeks
  • Reduce TCO for SAP Analytics by 60-75%

Built-in Best Practices

  • Data Landing Zone
    • Enterprise-grade Security Models
    • Cloud-native network topology
  • Microservices integration using Cloud-native API-management tooling
  • Move to more universally adopted query languages ie. SQL

Continuous Innovation

  • Latest Cloud capabilities for strategic data and analytics platform
  • Trial new innovation ideas quickly and fail fast
  • Integrate SAP data sources with non-SAP data sources over time and provide new, quick insights

Sample Dashboard Forecast Summary

Predicting customer demand is the main task for businesses to manage supply and procurement. The dashboard below is an example of combining material data from SAP and joining it with data from other demand management systems and providing insights about the forecast summary for an inventory management.

SAP Analytics Accelerator

Why Lemongrass?

Lemongrass is the leading provider of hyperscaler services for SAP customers and we have successfully implemented Data Lakes and Data Warehouses for our fortune 500 customers using our SAP Analytics Accelerators.

We have deep expertise in providing end-to-end data services including Ingestion, Data Modeling, Reporting/Visualization, and advanced analytics using the AI/ML methodologies. Our knowledge of the SAP data models combined with Cloud-native data tooling means we can offer a unique set of skills to quickly deliver these outputs.

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