Don’t just put SAP in the Cloud. Put the Cloud in SAP.

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The Key to Success is SAP Automation

Significantly Improve Business Performance by Automating Your Technology and Data

Big Data has been a buzzword for years. But more recently, the talk revolves around what to do with all that data. IT specialists are now looking for creative ways to leverage the data they own to transform their business, optimize costs and become even more customer-centric. By harnessing the increased number of data input streams and applying real-time automated processes, a data driven culture emerges that is more agile, more aware and more able to innovate at speed. This digital innovation drives the continuous transformation that is essential for continued business success.

Automate SAP Migration and Operations with the Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP)

Automation is at the core of everything we do at Lemongrass. Automation not only allows you to do things automatically, remotely and quickly, but also with more quality. Quality builds for installed software systems, like SAP, are essential.

Most companies spend their time trying to “keep the lights on” for SAP and maintaining and fixing things manually. The downside of that is people make mistakes so manual steps are inherently risky. Automation removes manual errors and ensures that there is a repeatable and reliable process for both the build and maintenance of the SAP landscape. This higher quality also ensures that you can reduce the noise in the environment and reduce the amount of work and cost to maintain the system

Another plus of automation is the agility it enables. Suddenly, you can do things faster. So, when users want a system refresh, or a restore from a backup, or to patch a system, etc., these things can now be done much more quickly. And, with automation, you can surface it into a portal that will allow end-users or project team members to self-serve on the maintenance of the landscape. This agility delivers satisfaction to the project team as they can try out new ideas quickly. 

“The fundamental premise of innovation is the ability to try something quickly, fail at it fast or, if it does work, promote it quickly into production. If you want to innovate, you need to be agile, and if you want to be agile you must automate.”

Eamonn O’Neill, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Lemongrass

At Lemongrass, we have an enviable track record of delivering SAP systems to the Cloud and we have built our own SAP on Cloud Automation Platform: The Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP). This automation differentiates our services and underpins our 100% success rate in migrating SAP to the Cloud and our impressive roster of clients that trust us to operate and automate their SAP systems.

Here are just some of the tools, processes and systems we recommend to streamline and automate your operations and deliver the most value back to your business:

The Effect of Automation


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