SAP S/4HANA Greenfield

Getting Started on SAP S/4HANA on Cloud Requires an Experienced Guide

SAP customers are challenged to initiate their transformations to SAP’s intelligent enterprise driven by the conversion to SAP S/4HANA. Executing these plans can include lengthy planning and procurement cycles, along with costly labor-intensive consulting engagements, platform provisioning, and functional builds. The planning and procurement cycles can be challenging without the benefit of a rapid deployment, production-ready environment on which to review and test business benefits.

Accelerate SAP S/4HANA Transformations with Lemongrass’s Expertise and Tooling

Lemongrass has leveraged years of SAP and Cloud experience, along with deployment automation capabilities to create our SAP S/4HANA Greenfield offering. The offering provides customers with a rapidly deployed, production-ready, scalable, and secure SAP S/4HANA environment. This eliminates the need for lengthy, manual deployment engagements, using non-scalable, unsecure solutions for SAP S/4HANA installations.


  • Automation – Rapid, automated deployments of Production-ready, secure Landing Zones, core services and SAP S/4HANA environments.
  • Elastic and Agile – Scale-up or scale-down SAP S/4HANA instances as required to ensure performance and cost efficiencies.
  • Production-Ready – Environment deployed with the tools, best practices, and scalability of a production-ready environment.
  • Best-Practice Operational Readiness – Environments deployed with cores services required to ensure uptime, recoverability and performance required in production SAP S/4HANA deployments.

This offering leverages the Lemongrass Cloud Platform automation framework to quickly deploy a secure Landing Zone, the core services, Technical Platform and SAP S/4HANA environment to meet fast-moving transformation projects. Leaning on Lemongrass SAP expertise, customers can quickly start SAP S/4HANA projects at minimal cost and risk. Furthermore, the solution can be used as a blueprint for building out the comprehensive final production SAP S/4HANA intelligent enterprise landscapes.

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SAP S/4HANA Greenfield landing zone

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