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DevOps for SAP

Getting the full benefits from running SAP in a hyperscale Cloud environment requires more than an infrastructure migration. To unlock additional benefits, the next step is to innovate with DevOps for SAP. This often requires a new way of thinking and working. Lemongrass offers a ‘DevOps as a Service’ model that enables you to get started quickly and immediately get the benefits of:

  • Rapid Adoption: Moving to an agile way of working with SAP is about more than just the technology. Organizations need to adapt to a new way of working and implementing governance processes. We have developed DevOps tools and procedures that enable deployment on a “cost per call off” basis. Once the customer is comfortable, we can hand back control of the service or continue to manage it.
  • Increased Speed & Agility: Moving to an SAP on a public Cloud DevOps landscape enables organizations to build systems and system landscapes in just hours and automate any operational tasks, delivering immediate benefits.
  • Reduced Cost: Most organizations spend over 50% of their IT budget on “keeping all systems running.” With our Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP), systems can be started to easily access data, and then service can be stopped when it is no longer needed. This results in cost savings as you only pay for systems in use.
  • Projects Enabled on Demand:  Projects can start and complete at their own pace and, once the agreed criteria are met, the innovation can be released into the formal release track to production. This approach fundamentally speeds up the pace of innovation, reducing the critical ‘time to market’.
  • Non-Production on Demand: Being able to provision systems rapidly ensures you only enable systems when you need them. Schedule systems downtime for quiet times i.e., overnight or weekends, and simply decommission them when not in use.
  • Latest Production Template: As systems are built from the latest production image, system refreshes are no longer required. Your project, PoC, or training system runs on the latest production image so developments and updates can safely be released back into your Production release track with near-zero defects.

SAP DevOps

DevOps for SAP

About the LCP Release Manager

Adopting DevOps for SAP will not only let you evolve beyond the classical waterfall SAP Release Strategy, but it will also help speed up your releases, deliver work faster, and encourage a culture of innovation within your SAP team. To assist with this, our LCP Release Manager has additional services to get you started managing your DevOps-enabled SAP landscape. These services include:

Release Control Services

  • Document your DevOps for SAP Release Strategy
  • Train your team on the DevOps for SAP Release Strategy
  • Confirm initiation of the project
  • Quality check projects to be included in a new release
  • Quality check testing of release
  • Coordinate final cutover

Environment Control Services

  • Provision environments per project on request
  • Provide tagging strategies and templates to align with your organizational financial reporting

Continuous Innovation Updates

  • Our Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) is constantly evolving with new features being released often, building on the existing DevOps-enabled features such as automated system hygiene including system, refreshes, copies and near-zero downtime system patching and maintenance.


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