Mission / Values

Ideals That Drive Us

Living our values ensures that we build and support great teams and foster a collaborative community around the world. They keep us on track to engage better with our customers, deliver exceptional services, continuously innovate, and build a strong company… all while having some fun!

Lemongrass Values

Partner & Customer Obsession

We are constantly listening to our customers and partners to enhance and improve their experience. At Lemongrass, we start with our customer and partners needs and work backwards, while continuously asking ourselves how we would feel if we were them. Although we pay attention to competitors and internal processes, we always make it our priority to obsess over our customers and partners.

Delivery Focused, Hands-On and Knowledge Led

At Lemongrass, we vigorously protect our 100% engagement success rate. We ensure that our delivery teams all have strong hands-on SAP experience and backgrounds. We actively encourage learning, harvesting and sharing of knowledge across our business to promote innovation and make certain that we stay ahead-of-the-curve in a rapidly changing and evolving industry.

Focus on Speed, Agile Delivery, Actions & Results

Speed always matters. At Lemongrass, we value and understand the benefits of calculated risk taking. We release and communicate results very quickly to our customers and partners and immediately facilitate the capture and incorporation of rapid feedback. Better results always come from doing and improving faster.

Empowerment Earned From Ownership & Accountability

Our high caliber of leaders encourage ownership and accountability of individuals and teams for the quality and success of both the output and outcomes of any project. We empower our people to drive our success. We never say, “That’s not my job.” If we make an error, we take ownership and immediately take action to remediate.

Deep Dive, Challenge and Commit

Lemongrass operates at all levels and we always stay connected to the details. We audit frequently and are always skeptical when metrics and anecdotes differ. We only carry out a deeper dive when we need to, staying high level when we can. We are not hesitant to challenge constructively but once a business decision is made, we will fully commit to it.

Learn, Be Curious, Focus, Invent & Simplify

We are focused on the outputs and results our customers and partners require. Lemongrass is committed to our drive to learn, improve, invent and simplify and we understand that asking ‘why?’ will drive discovery and innovation. Our experience and expertise also gives us the advantage to build solutions ourselves if they are not yet available in the market.

Challenging, High Pace, Exciting & Personal

Achieving success is easy when you have a team of experts who are empowered, motivated and happy. At Lemongrass, we encourage a collaborative and supportive environment, and we work hard to understand and optimize our employee’s experience. We are 100% people focused and invest heavily to provide ongoing team training and personal development.

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