Accelerate your SAP Migration with a Proof of Concept

Talk to us about a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the speed, agility and near-zero downtime when migrating your SAP systems to the Cloud.

Optimized Migration

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right migration strategy or build pattern for your organization. Some of the areas your organization should take into account are: 

  • Project planning and determining a deadline date for the migration
  • Allocating company resources and dedicated time
  • Evaluating the target architecture to ascertain if it is substantially changing
  • Assessing if the migration should include an upgrade 
  • Incorporating any corporate strategic Roadmaps for SAP

As an important first step, Lemongrass will conduct an initial assessment of your systems to determine your specific requirements. Once that is completed, Lemongrass can support you in confidently selecting the migration strategy that meets your specific business requirements.  

Near-Zero Downtime Migration

Our Lemongrass migration approach and tooling will result in minimal downtime and disruption to your business. On average, our clients experience less than four hours of technical down-time with many experiencing near-zero downtime.

Greenfield Build

For a Greenfield implementation of SAP, we offer a rapid, low-cost build and support service. Using Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) automation, we can design and deploy typical SAP landscapes in 4 to 6 weeks. Some of the benefits of LCP are that Project Managers will have the ability to provision and copy landscapes on-demand and gain unprecedented, project-specific visibility into cost and cost management tools.

Cloud Optimized Migration

Most of our clients choose to transform their SAP estate as part of the migration. This may result in a change in database, operating system, Disaster Recovery (DR) approach, or SAP version. This is typically driven by a desire to adopt Cloud best practices or refresh an estate by completing an upgrade. In such circumstances, we offer a full suite of  heterogeneous migration approaches which achieves this in a single migration step.

Large Database Migration

Lemongrass has many very large enterprise clients that have used SAP for many years. Our team frequently sees SAP databases between 20Tb and 30Tb. These types of databases present many challenges to the migration approach, cost of ownership, and system performance. The Lemongrass Cloud Platform ( LCP) has tooling specifically designed to migrate very large databases with near-zero downtime. We can also use the migration process as an opportunity to strip out legacy data and right-size the SAP application. 

Lift and Shift

For those clients wanting the lowest cost and quickest migrations or for clients looking for us to rapidly migrate non-SAP estates, we typically follow a lift and shift migration with a program of technical optimization.  

SAP S/4HANA Migration 

The  SAP end-of-support deadline of 2027 has resulted in a significant uplift in customer demand to move to SAP S/4HANA. Lemongrass can meet your requirements by provisioning new infrastructure to support a new build or by supporting an SAP S/4HANA migration program. Whether your organization is choosing a Greenfield clean-start or choosing to upgrade, Lemongrass can help.

Migrate to Archive 

Large enterprises are typically involved in mergers and acquisitions and it’s common that our clients have large legacy SAP estates. In the legacy on-premises world, these applications sit dormant in managed data centers at a high cost for extremely infrequent use. Our Migrate to Archive option moves these legacy systems to a hyperscale Cloud platform, simplifies them, and then turns them off. We then equip your users with self-service tools to start and stop these systems as required. The cost-benefit of this approach is significant and far outweighs the project costs. 

Let us support you in confidently selecting the migration strategy that meets your specific business requirements.