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Migrating and operating business-critical SAP systems in a hyperscaler cloud presents a transformative opportunity for enterprises looking to achieve cost savings, flexibility, scalability and speed while also maximizing operational resiliency and increasing staff productivity.

At Lemongrass, our services are designed to guide you on your journey to modernize and future proof your SAP systems on AWS, the most reliable and secure global infrastructure available today. We can help you Plan, Migrate, Operate, and Innovate your SAP Systems on AWS.


The first phase and the key to successful cloud migration is a well-defined and articulated strategy
Moving to a Cloud-based model enables the best of what an SAP investment has to offer but, the decision to drop traditional hardware, data centers or on-premises systems can be daunting. Partnering with Lemongrass to create a comprehensive Cloud strategy can remove the uncertainty and complexity associated with making this critical move.

Together with AWS, we deliver an offer that includes guidance from proven experts who will review, scope, and discuss the significant upside of running your SAP systems in the AWS Cloud – without cost or obligation.  Learn more >


The next step is a near-zero downtime SAP to AWS migration
Migrating your SAP Workloads to AWS will give you access to the most innovative tools and services on the market. Our deep understanding of AWS architecture and solutions, SAP systems, S/4HANA, large database systems and downtime mitigation accelerates your ROI, decreases TCO, and delivers a near-zero downtime migration.

Let our experience in Cloud Strategies make your migration experience fast, smooth and secure.  Learn more >


The third phase is realizing and capitalizing on the full potential of your modernized systems
Simply “lifting and shifting” systems to the Cloud without modernizing them precludes most of the key benefits that your systems can potentially deliver over the long term. With Lemongrass’s customized proactive approach to daily operations, your business has access to the latest technology for business process automation, monitoring, and analytics. This ensures your systems are operating at their maximum potential and delivering the agility and performance you should expect from your SAP on AWS landscape. 

Drive greater cost and operational efficiency with our SAP on AWS Managed Services options.  Learn more >


Disruptive innovation must be a part of your businesses DNA to create new markets and keep up with the ever-increasing speed-of-change
Digital innovation drives continuous transformation which is essential for continued business success. The best innovation is happening in the Cloud these days and, as everything is or will be in the Cloud eventually, innovation and speed to innovation needs to be an integral part of your IT DNA.

AWS is known to be the leader in getting new innovations and ideas to the market quickly which is why Lemongrass chooses to run our solutions and services on AWS. Automation is the most important secret ingredient that not only allows you to do things automatically, remotely, and quickly, but also with more quality. And quality builds for installed software systems, like SAP, are essential.

Prioritize innovation and unlock the value that modern technologies can bring to your IT Ops and your business with our Innovate offerings.  Learn more >

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