Unlock the Value of Data in your SAP Systems

A Data Lake refers to a set of technologies, typically within hyperscaler Cloud environments, that provide more effective methods and models of managing larger data sets. A Data Lake, however, is nothing without a specific business requirement. This could be a business scenario, cost pain-point, competitive analysis, ability to explore cross application or third-party data sources for data discovery in a specific area, such as customer loyalty.

Some recent examples of Data Lake projects executed by Lemongrass that leverage our SAP Data Lake Connector include:

  • Cost Reduction: Reducing the cost of SAP estates by aging data into native AWS Data Lake platform technologies, reducing the compute costs, but more significantly, reducing SAP license and maintenance costs.
  • Modernizing Business Processes: Data Lake solutions enable cross ERP month end closure dashboards, both SAP & non-SAP.
  • Data Discovery: Leveraging our sophisticated SAP Data Lake connector technology, organizations can now combine SAP, non-SAP and third-party data feeds to enable a single “Corporate Memory” from which to correlate data insight patterns, from the impact of weather to overlaying Point of Sales intelligence with marketing.
  • Improve Customer Interactions: A Data Lake can combine customer data from a CRM platform with social media analytics, a marketing platform that includes buying history, and incident tickets to empower the business to understand the most profitable customer, the cause of customer churn, and the promotions or rewards that increase loyalty.
SAP Data Lake Connector

Most Enterprises now realize that there is untapped value in their SAP Master Data and Transactional Data. The Lemongrass SAP Data Lake Connector (SDLC) allows SAP customers, no matter where their SAP systems are hosted, to quickly and easily connect their SAP landscape to an AWS Data Lake. This allows for selective synchronization of raw data to Amazon S3 and meta-data to AWS Glue Catalog. 


Securely Connect to SAP

The SDLC understands SAP at the database, application RFC and application Business Object layer to ensure quick, easy and secure connection from your SAP systems to your AWS Data Lake.

Synchronize Data to AWS

The SDLC can use multiple techniques to synchronize data allowing you to optimize low impact on source systems, volume of data being replicated and time for data to appear in AWS.

Understand your SAP Data

The meta-data catalog is a critical part of any Data Lake. The SDLC will automatically populate the AWS Glue Catalog with your meta-data based on our built-in experience and knowledge of the SAP Data Model.

Get Started Quickly

Once initial connection is established, you can start to analyze your data in your AWS Data Lake within 1 day, because you will not only have your raw data available, you will also have your meta-data catalog already populated for the analytic tools to consume.

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