Ready to put the Cloud in your SAP?

With the support of partner funding, Lemongrass can offset the cost of your Proof of Concept.

Manage and Optimize SAP Operations

Reduce Cost and Remove Complexity

Our clients choose to migrate their SAP systems to a hyperscale Cloud provider to:

  • Substantially reduce cost
  • Get close to zero-downtime reliable operations
  • Increase business and IT flexibility
  • Increase their ability to support other critical projects such as acquisitions, upgrades, innovation initiatives
  • Provide effective disaster recovery enabling high availability of data, continuous flow of processes and provide reliable recovery and failover

But, these benefits are not delivered by the migration itself. They are enabled through the ongoing focus and management that occurs while managing and optimizing these SAP systems.

World Class Proactive Management and Support

Organizations that migrate their SAP systems to the Cloud often face challenges on how to mitigate the risk of not having the new skills required to support their SAP systems on a hyperscale Cloud Platform, or how to manage the upside of infinite capacity with a downside of infinite cost. To manage these challenges and opportunities more effectively, many of our customers opt to outsource the ongoing day-to-day management of their SAP systems to Lemongrass.

Lemongrass offers ongoing support in a way that works for your business. We keep support costs to a minimum with our target pricing model and have an established, low-cost, follow-the-sun support service for any issues that may occur. We also use our industry-leading automation to detect incidents and automatically deploy self-healing solutions as needed. With our near-zero preventable incidents, any issue should be avoidable and therefore should not incur any costs.

Lemongrass Hypercare Post Migration Support

Even customers who have substantial internal teams engage Lemongrass for the first 12 months after their migration to both manage the risk of the change and complete a knowledge and skills transfer. Lemongrass is committed to this process and we don’t undertake any migration without at least one year of our Hypercare Post Migration Support included in the project plan.

Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) 

Our Lemongrass Cloud Platform offers a full set of tools that will transform your experience managing SAP on Cloud including: 

  • System monitoring
  • Self-healing and self-service
  • System provisioning
  • Near-zero downtime patching
  • Financial & consumption management

Business-as-Usual (BAU) Support

Getting the right BAU support means that your business can spend less time and money just “keeping the lights on” and focus more on innovation and change. We can help you do this by:

  • Managing your project systems like they are production systems with project-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Helping your business transition to “doing more for less” by reducing project complexity, cycle times and costs with SAP DevOps 
  • Driving innovation through Lemongrass’s Innovation Workshops


Are you getting the most benefits from your SAP systems running on the Cloud? A no-obligation Proof of Concept will show you what you might be missing.