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Cloud cost control

Cloud Computing: Cost Control vs Cost Reduction

Examines how enterprises can optimise spend on Cloud workloads to get better returns and establish effective ‘Cloud cost control’ over ‘cost reductions’.

SAP migration to public cloud expectations

Why Your SAP Migration on Public Cloud Isn’t Producing the Benefits You Expected

If you’ve completed an SAP migration on Cloud, you did so based on the benefits you expected to receive. You had probably identified benefits such as lower cost, greater flexibility, improved security, data analytics, and performance. Unfortunately, many installations aren’t producing those types of benefits.

four ways to modernize enterprise apps

4 Ways to Modernize Your Enterprise Apps

Discover four ways to make monolithic enterprise apps feel cloud-native and become more cloud-friendly using cloud automation.

Controlling SAP HANA Instance Data Sprawl

Enterprises running large SAP HANA instances in the Cloud are seeing a new challenge appear as their databases continue to grow. Since SAP HANA has a simplified data layout and structure compared to a more complex legacy database, it was assumed this would result in less data sprawl and duplication.

SAP Sapphire 2023

SAP Sapphire 2023 Shines a Light on the Top Trends Circulating the Industry

In the two days that SAP and the industry took over Orlando, Florida, Lemongrass witnessed a plethora of major product announcements, heard inspiring and innovative keynotes, and absorbed industry content via invaluable collaborative discussions.

minimal downtime operations sap systems on cloud

Breaking the Costly Cycle: The Solution to Minimizing Planned Downtime and Maximizing Efficiency for SAP Systems

By having too few downtime windows, companies are often left to bundle too many changes into a small time period —a practice that can potentially cause unforeseen outages or system failures.

How to put the Cloud in SAP

“Putting The Cloud in SAP” – What Does it Mean? 

For those enterprises that employ SAP and are considering migrating to the Cloud, they should consider implementing a three-step approach.

minimize downtime strategy with planned and unplanned outages

Why Your Strategy for Minimizing Your Organization’s Downtime Should Include Both Planned and Unplanned Outages

Planned downtime is essential to performing maintenance for such things as periodic updates, security patches, and more.

Advice for Solutions Architect Career

Solutions Architect Career Path: What you need to know

Ramesh Nallapu, Solutions Architect Lemongrass contributes to this article and gives advice on skills & qualifications required for a Solutions Architect role.

SAP Sapphire 2023

Meet Lemongrass at SAP Sapphire in Orlando, Florida

Join SAP experts, partners, and peers to explore, network, and see how SAP solutions can help solve the challenges in front of you.