Accelerate Your IT Modernization with a SAP Application and Modernization Assessment on Microsoft Azure

SAP Application and Modernization Assessment

Modernize and automate your SAP application landscape with Lemongrass and our fully funded assessment program in partnership with Microsoft

Build a comprehensive Cloud adoption plan supported by experts with a deep understanding of migrating and operating SAP on Azure – at no cost to you. Here’s how.

The first step towards modernizing your SAP landscape is to develop a simple, customized Cloud migration plan that includes minimal downtime and disruption to the business. Microsoft and Lemongrass, a Microsoft SAP Advanced Service Partner, have collaborated to create a unique offering specifically for Microsoft customers designed to deliver these benefits and much more.

As we say here at Lemongrass, you don’t just put SAP in the Cloud – you must also put the Cloud in SAP. This “SAP Application and Modernization Assessment” delivers a conscious and deliberate strategy informed by professionals in migrating and operating SAP on Azure. The purpose is to help you accelerate Cloud adoption and demonstrate how best to fully leverage the capabilities of your new operating environment.

SAP Application and Modernization Assessment Deliverables

As part of the assessment, Lemongrass and Microsoft will engage with your technical team to better understand your current landscape, challenges, and business goals. We will walk you through a detailed scoping exercise to gather information about your SAP workloads including things such as product versions, current configurations and layout to assess your requirements. The scoping will also include gathering the information needed to determine SAP on Azure pricing such as Infrastructure, a one-time implementation cost, and a three-year estimate of operating cost.

We will analyze the data and other information collected to produce a detailed assessment of your SAP on Azure workloads based on your responses. The report incorporates key data needed for you to make an informed decision about migrating to Azure including:

  • Identified risks and mitigations 
  • A detailed target architecture
  • A migration plan including the cost
  • An estimated annual run cost of your landscape on Azure; initial pricing aligns with the latest best practices across the five key pillars of reliability, security, cost optimization, operational excellence, and performance efficiency

Lemongrass will also include prioritized recommendations for running SAP on Azure including advising you on how to layer the architecture in such a way that it can be agile, demonstrate how to adopt automation to do things more quickly, and for upgrades, we can recommend the best and latest product versions.
This Assessment takes 1 week and–as I mentioned– most compelling is that it is fully funded by Microsoft so there is no cost to you.

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Microsoft and Lemongrass are committed to helping customers build and maintain efficient, secure, and resilient Cloud architectures on Azure. If you are considering migrating your SAP to Azure, this program is designed to help you quickly and efficiently make a fully informed decision on the best way forward.

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