We’ve Got the Juice: SAP on AWS with Lemongrass, Part 3

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SAP at its Best
Lemongrass offers our customers access to the best that SAP has to offer. Our customized approach assists customers in planning their business practices and implementing the appropriate software solutions. The SAP tools at our disposal range from installation and implementation, to monitoring, maintenance, and self-healing systems– all of which are automated and optimized to suit your needs.

Our experienced team has veteran level SAP and AWS industry knowledge. We know how to implement your solutions that prevent errors, downtime, and other issues usually associated with business process implementation and automation. Our quick implementation strategy further minimizes the potential negative effect on your business as your new system can be installed and operational in as little as four weeks.

Here are some of the tools and systems that Lemongrass recommends to streamline your operations and deliver the most value back to the business:

SAP IT Operations Analytics
The SAP IT Operations Analytics tool enables predictive forecasting through the Predictive Analysis Library. This tool allows for capacity planning, monitoring usage trends, and patterns over time. Should deviations from the anticipated usage occur, IT teams can react immediately, implementing remedies before the situation escalates to an incident. This early intervention could either be done manually or automated. Automated scripts, triggered by predictive alarms, can restart services, and adjust virtual resource allocation, or any other remedial action necessary.

SAP Predictive Analytics
Future planning is essential to successful business operations. SAP Predictive Analytics improves on this by using precursor and antecedent information to predict system failure with an associated confidence level. IT teams know when resources operate outside their anticipated range, and how likely they are to fail within the next period. System failure is usually associated with a surge in user activity. This is not easily predicted driving the need for advanced predictive analytics. Armed with this information, IT teams can carry out preventative maintenance on data centers and associated systems, like that done for manufacturing machines in industrial applications.

Automated Self-Healing Systems
By combining artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital innovation has made it possible for business systems to self-heal. Advanced, automated software packages monitor business systems, finding errors, and fixing them without human intervention. These systems address performance variations and restore outages as well.

Through self-learning algorithms, the software learns and understands the normal business operations and its reactions to irregularities and errors. Using this information, the software reacts appropriately when it detects errors, automatically restoring the business system to normal operations. These automated, exponential self-healing packs utilize innovative, continual logic learning as part of their standard software package. These systems also resolve issues in a fraction of the time it takes through traditional manual intervention. Typically, the end-user doesn’t even realize that an error has occurred, improving the user experience dramatically.

The implementation of self-healing systems is relatively quick and can be done in as little as four weeks. IT teams will have access to advanced troubleshooting and automated diagnostic, enabling fast, root-cause analysis of any errors that occur—implementing the solution through guided prompts, documents the resolution for future reference. And, if the same error occurs again, the solution will automatically be executed.

Automated self-healing systems offer a range of benefits, including business and IT cost reduction, decreasing unplanned downtime, and risk-free digital footprint expansion. IT professionals can work strategically, delegating mundane and repetitive tasks to automated processes, freeing up time and resources to carry out more advanced tasks aligned to business goals.

Further, with detailed architecture also comes detailed alerting. e.g., EC2, Storage, Lambda, Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, GuardDuty (to name a few) along with SAP native monitoring, making it easy for organizations to become overwhelmed by support alerts. This is where experience, event-based monitoring and AI come into their own.

In Closing
Digital innovation drives continuous transformation which is essential for continued business success. With Lemongrass’s innovation and customized proactive approach to daily operations, your business has access to the latest technology for business process monitoring and analytics. This ensures your systems are operating at their maximum potential and delivering the agility and performance you should expect from your SAP on AWS landscape.

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