How SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Promotes Innovation for RISE with SAP Users

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) innovation with RISE with SAP

In today’s evolving digital landscape, companies are looking for advanced solutions that will make their operations more agile. The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a platform that RISE with SAP customers can use to streamline operations, modernize integration and drive innovation.

Why are Customers Selecting RISE with SAP?

Many companies using SAP are migrating to the cloud. Using RISE with SAP is SAP’s recommended approach for companies to migrate to the Cloud and get the most from it. SAP has bundled a number of products into RISE with SAP that leverage Cloud capabilities.

Four key technologies are available to RISE with SAP users. These technologies include:

  • SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), a technology platform that brings together data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration in one, unified environment.
  • SAP Signavio, a process mining tool that supports analyzing existing business processes and then finding ways to improve them and/or design new processes.
  • Green Ledger, which helps organizations to integrate sustainability into their normal operations.
  • Joule AI, an advanced generative AI application.

Together, these technologies make a powerful set of tools that companies can use to make innovation a regular part of their operations.

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Overview

SAP BTP is one of several applications that let companies get the most from their RISE with SAP installations. It combines application development and automation, data and analytics, integration, and AI capabilities in one environment.

Building extensions to enterprise applications is an excellent use of the SAP BTP platform if you already use SAP. The integration between SAP BTP and your existing applications means that it’s much easier to extend applications with existing software.

The SAP Business Application Studio is much more than an integrated development environment (IDE). It runs in the cloud so that developers can write, compile and debug code in a hosted environment without needing to contend with physical hardware limitations. In addition, they have access to large computing resources that increases the efficiency and speed of the development process. Other key features include:

  • Flexibility. SAP BTP is very flexible, which allows businesses to quickly scale services as needs change. BTP is capable of cloud-native development, thereby reducing operational costs.
  • Powerful analytics tools. These tools support real-time analytics, business intelligence, and data visualization.
  • Flexible deployment options. A business can deploy BTP in multi-cloud or hybrid environments. Whether requirements call for deployment on a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid structure, BTP supports those choices.
  • Security. BTP was designed with security and compliance in mind, resulting in secure business data and compliance with regulations.

Considerations When Adopting SAP BTP

Here is a list of items to keep in mind before implementing SAP BTP:

  • Consider how BTP aligns with your organization’s overall enterprise architecture standards. How will you blend your current standards with what BTP offers?
  • Create a plan and roadmap of your IT platform. Particularly as it relates to replacing SAP Process Orchestration (PO).
  • Architect BTP with security in mind. This includes the way you integrate your identities and security from BTP to the rest of the landscape.
  • Get your team trained on the new BTP technologies. Especially so that they can quickly get up to speed to develop the new capabilities that come with BTP, and replace old on-premise concepts.

SAP BTP Benefits

By combining a suite of tools into one platform, SAP BTP offers a range of benefits to users, including:

  • Increased Productivity. SAP BTP can automate and optimize business processes. As a result, users can avoid manual effort and increase their output.
  • Better Decision Making. SAP BTP offers access to real-time analytics and reporting tools that empower decision-makers. The actionable insights decision-makers can review save a large amount of time they would otherwise spend trying to combine data and draw conclusions based on it.
  • Customization. The SAP BTP capabilities allow a business to tailor the applications employees use to their specific requirements. There is no need to try to work around a standard application to get the desired results.
  • Integration. Because BTP can gather data from different systems within an organization, decision-makers don’t need to know where data is located because BTP will gather what they need.
  • Artificial intelligence. Core business processes such as finance, supply chain, purchasing, sales, marketing, human resources, and IT all have SAP’s AI built in automatically.
  • End user tools. SAP BTP with SAP Build offers low-code development tools. End users with little coding experience can use the low-code tools to develop custom applications quickly.

SAP BTP and RISE with SAP: An Unbeatable Combination

If you want to receive the most benefit from your migration to the Cloud, RISE with SAP and SAP BTP will help you achieve the digital transformation that will make your business stand out from the competition. You’ll be able to:

  • Expedite data migration
  • Create integrations that can span silos across applications, data, and processes
  • Make data-driven decisions using one source of truth to ensure accuracy
  • Use a single analytics platform to achieve 360° insights
  • Avoid affecting the operation of your core applications by developing and extending apps in BTP

And those are only a few of the advantages you’ll have that will make your business more agile and more oriented to seeking innovation.

Learn more about all the innovative applications that support RISE with SAP. Download our eBook, “How to Get More Innovation From Your RISE with SAP Migration. You can also contact us to explore how Lemongrass can help you obtain the benefits of running RISE with SAP.

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