SAP on Cloud Landscape Assessment

An Important First Step

Whether you are a customer who has made the decision to move your SAP applications to the cloud or if you are just starting to consider making a move to the cloud,  an SAP Landscape Assessment can help you understand the scope and effort required for a digital transformation of your SAP systems.  

Lemongrass has  successfully migrated and currently operates many SAP-Centric Workloads on AWS. We believe that the key to a successful and smooth digital transformation is to fully assess the SAP system landscape and interfaces for technical readiness before any other work begins. With our comprehensive assessment, you will get a detailed look at your existing infrastructure and identify risks and challenges as well as any early benefits that can be achieved.     

During the assessment, we work with you to create a detailed report on your current application infrastructure, SLA’s and architecture. A Lemongrass SAP-Certified Solutions Cloud Architect will document your SAP system infrastructure and architecture.  System data is then collected including all software, versions, any integrations, legacy systems, optimizations, and any planned updates.  Using this data we can learn if there are any required upgrades and what the risks and challenges could be before the migration takes place. 

The benefits of an SAP Landscape Assessment 

  • A full understanding of your  landscape and integration scenarios
  • A smoother migration is achieved 
  • Necessary upfront activities can be identified and carried out in advance of the actual migration  
  • The knowledge gained helps to de-risk your migration project 
  • Quick wins/early benefits can be identified

Following the assessment, we offer architecture workshops where we make recommendations and provide an in-depth view of your current, planned and future infrastructure.  We look at how we can build, migrate, and operate your landscape to achieve the full benefits of running SAP on AWS.