What Can SAP Joule AI Do for RISE with SAP Users?

SAP Joule AI

If you’re wondering whether you move to RISE with SAP, you’ll be interested to know that Joule AI will be available to RISE with SAP users. Joule AI is a AI copilot, part of a broader AI Architecture from SAP, that is integrated into SAP applications. It is intended to improve productivity, streamline business processes, and improve the user experience.

How AI is Changing Business

There’s no doubt that AI is changing how many aspects of today’s businesses are operating. According to PWC, 73% of US businesses have adopted AI in some areas of business, with generative AI applications being the most frequently used.

Generative AI chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard have found their way into many organizations. It is changing how people perform administrative tasks, and human resources departments are using it to screen applications. And those are only a couple of the ways AI is being used. Most people view AI as an enhancement to help employees do their work more efficiently and with better results.

What is Joule AI?

Unlike other standalone generative AI tools, Joule integrates with the applications in RISE with SAP. In fact, Joule is integrated with SAP backend systems upon implementation. Joule can access a large data pool that relates to SAP allowing it to provide intelligent and context-aware responses to questions posed by users. Because Joule understands the business context of SAP’s systems, it provides a very tailored copilot experience.

Benefits of Using Joule AI

Joule will revolutionize the way users interact with their SAP systems. With its knowledge of SAP applications and simple interface, companies using RISE with SAP and Joule will see many benefits.

  • Ease of Use: Joule’s user interface is simple and efficient. Users interact with the copilot using natural language communication. As a result, the user doesn’t need to navigate complicated menus. Users will find it much easier to get the information they need.
  • Streamlined Business Processes: Users won’t need to gather information from various resources manually, or even know where that information resides. Joule will quickly answer a question by gathering the required information regardless of its location and presenting the result in a clear and concise response.
  • Better Decision Making: Joule can assist in data analysis because it will retrieve data from multiple systems and connect that data to provide in-depth answers and insights to the user.
  • Data Privacy: Joule is compliant with AI ethics, GDPR, privacy controls, and SOC-II. Since Joule works with your company-controlled data, privacy will never be an issue.

Joule AI Use Cases

There are a multitude of applications that Joule AI facilitates as a copilot. SAP has committed to investing heavily in developing more use cases, but below are some of the initial ones available:

  • Human Resources: Joule is improving the employee experience by making it easier and faster for employees to find information, get answers to questions and complete HR-related tasks, such as approving or rejecting time-off requests; changing names, locations or personal pronouns; and more. More functionalities will be available in early 2024, such as clocking in and out, viewing pay statements and writing unbiased job descriptions
  • Joule with SAP Product Enablement Content: Product users can now get quick and seamless access to SAP Help Portal content when they ask a question in Joule, without ever having to leave the application they are working in. This generative AI-powered feature will be available in all SAP cloud solutions, starting with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Start.
  • SAP Code Development: These are just a few examples of how Joule AI is going to make a difference in the productivity and data analysis capabilities of RISE with SAP users.
  • Joule AI Can Increase Innovation Capabilities for RISE with SAP Users: Adding the Joule copilot capabilities to RISE with SAP will allow users to work faster, decide quicker, and get better results. They will also stay in control of their data since Joule is embedded in SAP applications that are controlled by the company.

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