transforming the SAP ownership experience on hyperscale cloud

Transforming the SAP Ownership Experience on Hyperscale Cloud

Enabling World-Class Operations and Paving the Way for Innovation with SAP on Cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a storm of disruptions and challenges that sent the entire world into uncharted, even treacherous, waters. Unpredictable demand, supply chain and labor market instability, modern workplace demands from remote workforces and increased pressures from customers for easy, rapid and secure digital experiences are just business as usual for today’s modern Enterprise.

SAP modernization has equally become one of the top-of-mind priorities for many organizations. This is driven by a combination of factors including the 2027 support deadline announced by SAP and the need for organizations to become more data-driven, resilient and responsive to changing demand.

The Question is no Longer Why, but When

In our latest eBook entitled “Transforming the SAP Ownership Experience on Hyperscale Cloud we discuss how technology improves cost efficiency, increases the speed of delivery, enhances security, and creates opportunities for enterprises to innovate.

How Lemongrass can Help

With a portfolio including end-to-end support for the entire customer life cycle spanning planning, migration, operation, and innovation, Lemongrass works with enterprises to engineer a more intelligent and more integrated IT environment for their mission-critical SAP systems running on AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.