Lemongrass Launches New Polaris Program to Help Enterprises Move Their SAP Systems to Amazon Web Services

A new SAP Migration program, backed by funding support and automation-enabled services, unlocks migrate & RUN acceleration for SAP-Centric workloads on Amazon Web Services

ATLANTA, GA (May 18, 2020) – Lemongrass, a leading professional and managed service provider of SAP enterprise applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), today announced the launch of its Polaris Program. Polaris includes funding options bundled with a suite of automation-enabled Migration services orchestrated through Lemongrass’s proven SAP methodology.

The Polaris migration program has been specifically designed to help SAP enabled companies meet modern business requirements. The program includes:

  • SAP systems migrations into AWS with minimal downtime leveraging Lemongrass’s automation-enabled migration pattern technologies.
  • The potential to reduce platform costs by 33% through funding incentives. This program is open to new customers with platform spend in excess of $100k per year.
  • Lemongrass’s Automation Management Platform and its set of purpose-built tools to facilitate the migration process and support on-going innovation and automation of the resulting environments. This automation includes a full suite of migration, build and steady state-run services, self-service deployments, and self-healing capabilities.
  • Comprehensive services, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) across SAP monitoring and operations, so preventable P1s and P2s can be avoided, enabling a compelling SLA attainment.
  • Innovation beyond SAP, including SAP-Centric Data Lake and Management enablement, and immediate access to new AWS releases and the latest SAP enhancements.
  • Automation solutions for commonly executed activities to drive continuous service improvements.

Lemongrass has been working with AWS since 2010, as a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and has AWS SAP Competency status. Lemongrass was also recently awarded the AWS Migration Competency designation, in addition to the AWS Managed Services Competency and AWS Well-Architected certifications, in recognition of the thousands of SAP systems that they have successfully migrated.

“We are delighted to work with AWS and offer Polaris and all of its benefits to SAP clients looking to take this critical step in their transformation journey,” said Ben Lingwood, Chief Innovation Officer and Global Alliances Lead for Lemongrass. “The conversation around cloud-enabled technology and its benefit to large enterprises are no longer about if you should migrate your SAP systems, but rather when you should. This program will provide not only the experience, methodology, and technical tooling for a successful migration, but also the funding support, which makes the offer very compelling on all fronts.”

To learn more about Polaris and the funding now available to migrate SAP ERP systems to AWS, please contact Lemongrass at info@lemongrasscloud.com.


About Lemongrass
Lemongrass, with operations in all global geographies, was established in 2008 as a specialist SAP technology consultancy. Lemongrass specializes in the implementation, migration, operation, innovation, and automation of SAP on AWS, covering both the SAP Business Suite and Business One applications. The company is an AWS Partner Network Premier Consulting Partner, an AWS accredited Managed Service Provider, and was the second company globally to achieve the AWS SAP Competency status.

To learn more about Lemongrass, visit https://lemongrasscloud.com/

Lisa Desmond
CMO, Lemongrass Consulting