AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner

Channel Partner Private Offers (CPPO)

The AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) transforms the way our customers can interface with software and services discovery processes, procurement practices, entitlement, provisioning, and governance. This streamlines traditional supply chain complexity, shortens timescales and eliminates the dreaded paper chase.

As a certified AWS Marketplace skilled Partner, we can work with you to:

  • Unlock access to AWS Innovation faster by transforming the software supply chain
  • Explore procurement transformation options
  • Modernize SAP-Centric Software & Services procurement that are compatible with a DevOps model
  • Create private pricing catalogs for Services & Software, from discounted pricing on third party software needed to operate SAP (i.e., OS / Security etc.,) to private pay-per-event operate and migration services

Leveraging the AWS Marketplace to purchase Lemongrass Services and Third-Party Software Products provides the 100% assurance you would expect from buying any other product or service from AWS and you enjoy the same fast and friction-free purchase experience as in the AWS Marketplace. This includes the management of all the commercials, legal documents and T&Cs.

AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner 

In addition to being an authorized AWS Marketplace Partner, Lemongrass is one of the first organizations globally to attain the AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner global certification. This designation recognizes partners who have built strong AWS Marketplace Channel practices.

AWS has the largest marketplace globally for cloud-based services and software. As of January 2021, the AWS MarketPlace includes:

  • 1,600+ ISVs (free, BYOL, or commercial)
  • 8,000+ listings
  • 50 categories
  • Deployment in 24 regions
  • 300,000 active customers
  • 850+ million hours of EC2 deployed monthly 
  • 1.5+ million current software subscriptions

Organizations that are “Innovation First” and fully embrace the agility it implies, know that this agility must extend beyond just technology and into ancillary areas and processes, like procurement. This need drives us, as an “Innovation First” Service Provider, to continuously evolve the procurement experience for our customers. After all, agile technology is nothing if it’s attached to a traditional, complex procurement experience!

Sound interesting? 

Here are some example scenarios:

Customer Challenge:  The procurement process demands that direct AWS accountability is required as part of our sign-off process.

Answer: This is a core reason for the Marketplace model. Using Cloud Private offers via the AWS Marketplace means you are purchasing software and services from Lemongrass and, in turn, Lemongrass is held accountable for delivering the services in accordance with the AWS terms and conditions set forth for all partners to ensure the delivery of the highest quality services. You can buy with the same confidence you have every day buying products and services across the Amazon universe. 

Customer Challenge:  Corporate strategy is leaning away from signing up for multiple months or year terms under fixed-price roles & responsibilities. Moving towards services with on-demand agility is the natural evolution when moving into highly agile AWS platforms. Why smother an agile platform with fixed operational models? Moving to a DevOps way of working is core to the company strategy.

Answer: Lemongrass operates a zero lock-in model across our customers. The Marketplace has enabled us to evolve that further so if you are looking for a one-time event, such as migrating a system, an operate activity call off, such as provisioning a patch or refreshing an SAP system or if you are simply looking for a pay-per-use model as you evolve into a DevOps way of working, the AWS Marketplace is the best commercial mechanism to enable this.

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