Scott Sports

Scott Sports, Digital Transformation
SCOTT Sports is a leader in the innovation, manufacturing, and sale of high-end bicycles, winter equipment, motorsports gear, and running equipment.

The Impetus for Change

Agility is in SCOTT Sports DNA. Just as mountain bikers must be able to react quickly to changing conditions on the trail, IT systems must also be able to react quickly to changing market conditions. The turbulence in the market triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic showed how critical it is to have flexible and agile systems in today’s business landscape.

For SCOTT Sports, it was clear that transitioning to scalable cloud architectures that provide high-performance infrastructures for its mission-critical SAP systems would be the basis for its growth and long-term success. With its cloud-first strategy, SCOTT Sports would not only operate with greater agility and reliability but is also realize the added benefit of running on infrastructure that aligns with its sustainability strategy.

Partnering with an Expert Team

SCOTT Sports Cloud’s platform of choice was Amazon Web Services (AWS). Having built its e-commerce platform on AWS, it was the natural choice to host the company’s SAP systems. The company’s goals for the migration were to realize higher levels of efficiency and improve the performance and availability of core SAP applications. Lemongrass was selected to execute the migration and support the company’s SAP landscape on AWS.

“Lemongrass Cloud’s LCP platform and automation enabled us to accelerate our migration to AWS. With our SAP systems on AWS, we have seen a quantum jump in speed.”
Dietmar Lohbauer, SAP Solution Architect, Scott Sports

By selecting Lemongrass Cloud, SCOTT Sports gained access to the firm’s sophisticated migration, governance, monitoring, and automation solution, Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP). LCP enables near-zero downtime migrations, streamlines SAP on Cloud operations, simplifies the implementation of additional Cloud capabilities and significantly improves SAP user experience. With LCP, SCOTT Sports would face minimal disruption during the migration and realize greater visibility, efficiency, and agility running its SAP operations on AWS.

A Methodology for Success

Lemongrass Cloud proposed a customized AWS Landing Zone, including but not limited to a full security framework, account structure, operating tools, as well as SCOTT Sports’ entire DEV, SBX, and PROD System. The plan for the migration was based upon Lemongrass’s proven Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) implement methodology which is designed to minimize the risk of business or inflight project disruption. Using this methodology, Lemongrass migrated Scotts Sports entire SAP landscape to AWS within 5 months.

With its SAP systems on AWS, SCOTT Sports realized a quantum leap in the speed of its SAP workloads and greater efficiency in its operations. The company is already seeing a positive spike in productivity as a result. In addition to stronger levels of performance from its SAP workloads, integration of LCP in Scott Sports’ SAP on AWS environment and support from Lemongrass is helping bring innovation to the forefront of the company’s SAP operations, further aligning IT with the company’s core values.


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