Par Pacific Holdings

Par Pacific
Par Pacific Holdings is a Houston-based oil and gas exploration and production company with refineries in Kapolei, Hawaii, Newcastle, Wyoming, and Tacoma, Washington.

SAP on AWS Modernization

As an energy company that serves local communities, sustainability is a critical element of Par Pacific’s mission. For Par Pacific, sustainability isn’t just a factor among many, but rather an integral component in its decision-making framework and pursuit of continuous improvement. When the company approached the end of life for its data center contract, its sustainability mindset would be a driving force behind its decision to move to the Cloud. 

Prior to embarking on its Cloud journey, Par Pacific was hosting its mission-critical applications and workloads in a Texas-based data center. With the end of its Data Center contract approaching, Par Pacific devised a technology modernization strategy. As part of this strategy, the company decided to forgo the renewal of its data center contract and migrate its mission-critical SAP and non-SAP applications and workloads to AWS. The move to AWS would help the company realize greater agility, operational efficiency, and cost savings.

“We had several sessions with the Lemongrass team, who looked into our environment to see what was possible on AWS and helped us map our journey to modernizing our SAP systems in the Cloud. This gave us confidence in Lemongrass’s ability to support us in not only executing a seamless migration to AWS but also realizing the full benefits of the move.”
David Vijay, Sr. Technical and Process Architect, Par Pacific

The Right Partner for SAP Modernization

For its SAP workloads, Par Pacific wanted a specialized partner that could modernize and automate SAP on AWS. The migration partner also needed to display a successful track record of executing minimal downtime migration since the top priority was to ensure all workloads were migrated before their data center exit.

After evaluating several system integrators, Par Pacific chose Lemongrass to execute the migration and manage the operations of its SAP workloads on AWS. The company selected Lemongrass because of its SAP on Cloud expertise, automation capabilities, and 100% track record executing SAP to AWS migrations. Lemongrass’s excellent relationship with AWS also factored in the Par Pacific’s decision.

Deploying a Proven Methodology

Par Pacific’s SAP workload in scope consisted of 8 systems. For the migration, Lemongrass proposed a solution based on its proven migration methodology. Lemongrass’s methodology comprises an over-arching approach and governance framework for delivering migrations, a comprehensive Services Map, and best practices to ensure the continuous delivery of services. The firm’s methodology also incorporates AWS Well-Architected framework to support the designing and operation of reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective SAP systems on AWS.

Using its migration methodology, Lemongrass migrated Par Pacific’s SAP landscape to AWS and implemented automation into its SAP operations. The company’s entire SAP landscape was migrated within the specified deadline and with little disruption to its operations.

With its SAP workloads on AWS, Par Pacific added robustness, greater performance, agility, and security to its SAP applications and thus expanded its possibilities for continuous improvement through innovation, cost optimization, and greener IT. Along with these benefits, the customized, proactive approach Lemongrass developed to manage Par Pacific’s SAP workloads on AWS, ensures the company’s systems will continue to operate at their maximum potential.


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Published May 17, 2023