Jemena is an Australian-based energy company that owns and operates a diverse portfolio of energy assets across Northern Australia and Australia’s east coast.

Jemena Realizes Greater Resiliency and Operational Efficiency on AWS

Jemena is an Australian-based energy company that owns and operates a diverse portfolio of energy assets across Northern Australia and Australia’s east coast. Today, one in five homes and businesses in Australia rely on them for their energy needs.

In 2021, Jemena identified a suite of initiatives and activities to deliver operational efficiencies. One of these strategic initiatives was an SAP migration to Amazon Web Services Cloud platform. With a move to AWS, they would realize greater efficiency in its IT operations. The implementation would also support Jemena’s journey to SAP S/4HANA.  

Selecting a Reliable Partner

Jemena runs its business-critical operations on SAP, comprising of multiple different SAP products such as ECC, ISU, BODS, BOBJ, BW and BW/4HANA, Cloud Connector, SAC/SCC, SLT, IQ, SolMan, NetWeaver Gateway, Analytics Cloud, and SAP Router. As part of its Cloud initiative, they decided to migrate its SAP workloads to AWS.

Jemena and its Global Service Integrator (GSI) partner selected and engaged Lemongrass after a highly competitive market process.  Lemongrass was primarily selected because of its track record of success.  Lemongrass were also selected by the GSI as the right partner for the SAP migration, while GSI focused on the non-SAP migration.  Thanks to AWS’s and the GSI’s recommendation and Lemongrass’s experience in the utility sector, they were confident in Lemongrass’s ability to facilitate a seamless migration. Before the start of the project, Lemongrass also executed an Adaptive Blueprint phase with Jemena which allowed the company to experience Lemongrass as a team and see the organization’s approach, deliverables, and ways of working firsthand.

The Lemongrass team had the experience and expertise we needed, demonstrated strong program leadership from start to finish and ultimately delivered a very successful outcome for our business with zero unplanned downtime.”
Cory Wilson – General Manager, Digital Enterprise & Zinfra Platforms, Jemena

The Solution

Lemongrass engaged with Jemena as a specialist partner for SAP migration services and Hypercare support. The approach for the migration was a “lift and shift” using the AWS Migration Service (MGN) tool. AWS MGN is recommended for “lift and shift” migrations to AWS. With this tool and its proven approach, Lemongrass would migrate their 167 SAP workloads without any changes and with minimal downtime. Lemongrass also completed a full Disaster Recovery test of the company’s entire pre-Production landscape via failover and failback. A fully documented Disaster Recovery drill was documented as part of this exercise.

Most of the SAP workloads being migrated were running on Windows and SQL (Database). Jemena’s Sybase IQ and HANA BW workloads were also in scope. Lemongrass executed the migration in three phases—Design, Technical Foundation, and Migrate and Deploy—and transitioned to Hypercare support after the migration. Using approved Design Phase artefacts as a baseline and Technical Assets built in the subsequent Technology Foundation Phase, Lemongrass migrated Jemena’s SAP systems to AWS in less than 15 hours of downtime—without any incidents—and went live after production verification testing.


With its SAP workloads on AWS, Jemena realized greater resiliency, security, and scalability. In addition to these benefits, Lemongrass provided Jemena with expert knowledge and training to enable best practice operations of the company’s SAP applications on AWS.


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