Energy Queensland

Energy Queensland
Based in Queensland, Australia, Energy Queensland is a government-owned corporation that operates subsidiary companies throughout the region. These companies provide electricity distribution as well as retail and energy services to businesses and individuals.

“Overall, we can innovate faster and move faster as a company by running SAP on AWS.”

Mick Jones, Portfolio Delivery Manager

The Challenge

Energy Queensland recently needed Lemongrass’s expertise to seamlessly migrate an SAP environment to AWS. Energy Queensland, a group of government-owned electricity distribution, retail, and energy services businesses, had dozens of SAP applications hosted on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC).

The Solution

After evaluating several cloud providers, Energy Queensland decided to move its SAP environment to AWS. The company selected Lemongrass because of its specific focus on SAP on AWS and proven experience in SAP HEC migrations. Lemongrass worked with Energy Queensland to move dozens of SAP applications and an SAP S/4HANA database environment to an AWS Landing Zone, running on multiple Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and storing corporate data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets.

Lemongrass also deployed its Cloud Management Platform, a set of purpose-built tools for SAP to AWS migrations that include automation capabilities. The Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) acts as an orchestration and automation layer between AWS and SAP, which is designed to accelerate the migration process.

Following a design phase to prove the architecture would work, Lemongrass quickly moved the Energy Queensland SAP environment into full production on AWS.

During the migration, Lemongrass moved the Energy Queensland SAP environment to multiple Availability Zones. This ensured failover across multiple zones, which is critical because the company has customer data in many regions and it cannot afford to have the system go down. Running on AWS, Energy Queensland has built-in high availability that provides the company more reliability and scalability.

In addition, Energy Queensland ensured there was no downtime during the migration because of Lemongrass’s expertise and Cloud Management Platform. Lemongrass helped them migrate its full SAP environment from SAP HEC to AWS in five months, a short timeline considering this complex migration typically takes at least a year. Lemongrass was also able to take advantage of its small and agile team to complete the move faster than anticipated.


Running on AWS, Energy Queensland has the agility it needs to quickly create new IT environments and manage new initiatives faster than before. Previously, the organization would have to go through a lengthy and costly server procurement process when it wanted to kick off a new project. Now, to gain the server capacity required, the company can provision virtual servers in several minutes instead of several days.

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