SAP on AWS Health Assessment

The benefits of running SAP on AWS Cloud


Improved SAP Operations, Security and Agility while reducing your Run Costs provided the Business Case for migrating or implementing your SAP estate on AWS, but are you getting all of these envisaged benefits? With the hundreds of new innovations released each year, how do you identify which ones are relevant and would benefit your estate? In short, how healthy is your SAP on AWS landscape today?

The Lemongrass Solution

Realize the SAP on AWS benefits you’re not benefitting from today

Lemongrass’s expert team applies an SAP-Centric lens when completing a comprehensive assessment of your SAP on AWS estate. The assessment builds on the AWS Well-Architected Review, AWS Trusted Advisor reports and SAP EarlyWatch reports by applying Lemongrass’s real-world experience of running an extensive portfolio of complex, high-availability, mission-critical SAP environments. It addresses 6 pillars of Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance, Cost and Innovation. All this is contextualized to your specific environment.

The assessment provides an overall Landscape Health Score and a prioritized set of recommendations to maximize the opportunities you can implement to improve your score.


The Lemongrass SAP on AWS Health Assessment will help you:

  • Reduce Operational Costs: Gain control of your AWS spend by identifying actions to optimize your AWS infrastructure
  • Improve Performance & Reliability: Ensure your environment is tuned for endto-end SAP on AWS operational efficiency
  • Innovate: Identify unused features provided by both SAP and AWS that can provide a step change in your technology capabilities
  • Improve your Security Posture: Understand security risks within your SAP environment and mitigate them



The assessment is led by highly experienced SAP technical architects that bring the combined expertise of the Lemongrass team in designing, implementing and, critically, operating all SAP solutions. Our SAP Lens ensures all recommendations are relevant to your specific estate, applying recognized SAP best practices and standards.

6 Pillars – Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance, Cost & Innovation

We align our Health Assessment to the 6 AWS Pillars of Best Practice, extending them for SAP-specific topic areas including:

Achieving Operational Excellence

  • Near-Zero Downtime Maintenance (resizing, etc.)
  • Preventable downtime with anomaly detection
  • Self-healing – compute / storage threshold extensions to keep alive, etc.

Improved Public Cloud Security Posture

  • Landing zone analysis and recommendations for NIST & CIS
  • Configuration hardening
  • Security scanner enablement for continuous operational security detection

Improved Business Continuity Solutions

  • Application-level High Availability pattern deployment
  • Cost-optimized recovery models
  • DR testing and validation with Automation

Improved Performance

  • Designed to meet peak load requirements
  • Capabilities for automatic scale-up for un-predictable spikes
  • Application of robotic stress test testing and synthetic customer emulation

Cost Optimization by Tuning the System Use Around Business Operations Process

  • Technical deployment vs. utilization analysis and recommendations
  • Purchasing optimization plan
  • Enablement of real-time spend dashboarding, recommendations, and analytics
  • FinOps CoE training and enablement

AWS Innovation-Enablement

  • Use of EC2 cost-optimized systems, storage strategies, and optimized striping
  • Leveraging whitespace solutions beyond the SAP footprint
  • Leveraging Cloud-native automation and AI