SAP on Cloud: Is it the Promised Land?

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A Lemongrass study on expectations versus reality

Though it may not seem like it, the migration of complex SAP workloads to the Cloud is really a relatively new phenomenon. As recently as just five years ago, migrating and operating critical systems such as SAP on Cloud seemed almost inconceivable.

While many CIOs felt comfortable running non-productive systems in the public Cloud, they didn’t see it as a viable option to run their critical business workloads on what was perceived at the time to be an immature, unstable and insecure platform.

In a recent report commissioned by Lemongrass, Norstat, Europe’s leading independent pollster, surveyed 100 senior SAP users at enterprises, both large and small, across EMEA. The respondents were split into two groups:

  • 50% are with enterprises who have yet to migrate SAP workloads to the Cloud
  • The other half are with enterprises that have completed their SAP migration to the Cloud

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