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near-zero downtime dilemma for SAP systems

The Downtime Dilemma

The criticality and complexity of SAP systems in the grand scheme of Enterprise IT is widely known and accepted – and perhaps even viewed with a dose of trepidation.

migrating SAP landscapes to the cloud

Migrating SAP Landscapes to the Cloud

Considering a SAP migration to Cloud? Many organizations are adopting cloud strategies and migrating their mission-critical SAP Application to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

SAP on Cloud Innovation

SAP on AWS Innovation News: September 2021

SAP on AWS Innovation News: Features, new releases, capabilities, and market updates that drive innovation and optimization into SAP-Centric workloads on AWS.

Symphony IT

Symphonic IT

Orchestra symphonies to harmonizing your SAP infrastructure, Ben Lingwood talks agility, Cloud operations, and changing the tune as required.

adopting SAP hybrid cloud

Adopting SAP Hybrid Cloud

Migrating your SAP applications to Public Cloud isn’t all peaches and roses. In return for

innovation sap automation

There’s No Innovation Without Automation

Cloud offers great opportunities for enterprises to access transformational innovation, however, there’s no innovation without automation according to Eamonn O’Neill.

decision making framework for cloud adoption

A Decision-Making Framework for Cloud Adoption

We outline a decision-making Cloud adoption framework that stakeholders can use to make informed decisions regarding Cloud adoption and some of the common challenges that can arise.

too cool for SAP on AWS

Are you too cool for SAP?

Are you too cool for SAP? Mark Hirst talks about mixing age, experience, and thinking, providing modern, adaptive, and continuously improved services for clients who ultimately gain greater value and achieve much more – a win/win for all.

how to Reduce risk SAP on AWS migrations

Taking the risk out of migration

How can you minimize risk and reduce downtime when migrating SAP workloads to AWS. Mark Hirst shares 10 insights into how this can achieved.

Control cloud costs

Taking Control of Costs in the Cloud

Cost reduction and elasticity are major attractions when organizations are looking to move to the Public Cloud. Discover how you can take control of your cloud costs and business spend.

Writing RFPs for SAP on AWS

The Black Art of Writing RFPs for SAP on AWS

In the 12 years, Lemongrass has been in existence, we’ve been through our fair share of RFP experiences. All of them however have a common flaw which is they’re never that “cloudy”.