Lemongrass Launches Application Archiving Solution to Ensure SAP System Data is Cost-Effectively Stored

Using the Lemongrass Cloud Platform, companies can migrate their old and/or relatively unused SAP systems to Cloud, removing the need for additional software and training to maintain an archive while allowing companies to meet their legal obligations to data retention.

Atlanta, GA (September 24th, 2020) – Lemongrass, announces a new solution for SAP users seeking to preserve access to system data in a cost-effective manner. Lemongrass Application Archiving, which works in tandem with the Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP), enables an SAP customer to move an old and/or relatively unused SAP system into a low-cost, easy-to-access, secure cloud platform. Application Archiving is ideal for companies that need to retain and provide access to historical data held within their SAP systems. Examples include validated environments or orphaned production systems resulting from a merger or acquisition.

“The problem of what to do with old data that you need occasional access to is nothing new – in fact, the need has grown in recent years due to increased legal obligations as well as a rise in companies consolidating and looking to reduce costs,” said Kieran Pierce at Lemongrass. “The effect is further magnified by the constant movement toward agility and reduced cost offered by the cloud hyperscalers. In essence, the need to keep data, and more of it, is heightened, while at the same time the foundational tech is getting better, cheaper and more accessible. What Application Archiving from Lemongrass does is leverage the expert cloud and SAP knowledge of the Lemongrass team to deliver a simple, easy to use, low-cost option for companies that need and want to retain access to their most precious resource: data.”

Lemongrass Application Archiving makes it easy for a non-technical user to start and stop an entire SAP system when they need it. In this way, hosting costs can be kept to a minimum while still allowing a user to read and query the data held within the system without needing to learn a new archiving system. In fact, once the SAP system is up and running, there would be no noticeable difference to the end-user when compared to a full production system. LCP provides a simple, persona-based UI to allow both technical and non-technical users to start the SAP system they need to access on-demand, or this can be scheduled if the need is predictable. The UI provides a dynamic connection string either to the web GUI or full GUI for the user to connect.

Prior to Lemongrass Application Archiving, SAP customers had few options for maintaining access to older data. They could leave it where it was (the most common decision), which resulted in bloated, high-cost SAP systems that were difficult to manage, or in some cases they would archive the data out of the SAP system into a priority archiving solution. While this approach can work, it often leads to high-cost complex projects, where the resulting data is difficult to interact with, especially if the end-user is not experienced or trained in the archiving solution.

Lemongrass Application Archiving is an integral part of the broader LCP solution. It makes use of several functional areas, including automated builds, automated backups and backup management, user-based systems start-and-stop as well as scheduled start-and-stop. Lemongrass uses other elements of LCP as part of the Application Archiving solution, including security scanning to ensure the accounts holding the archived systems as well as the systems themselves are meeting strict guidelines.

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