Lemongrass RISE+: Complementary Services to De-risk, Accelerate and Drive Outcomes for RISE with SAP Projects

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Digital transformation is on the mind of every executive and the reality is that many of them are looking to accelerate their organization’s digital transformation journey. Some of this urgency is a result of the pandemic, but the fact remains that organizations need to fast forward their digital transformation to become more agile and resilient in the face of disruption. SAP has acknowledged this need and is addressing it with its RISE with SAP offering.

RISE with SAP is a subscription service that is designed to help SAP customers accelerate digital transformation with a portfolio of products and services from SAP and SAP partners. All of RISE with SAP runs in the cloud and a main component of this offering is the SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition. This leverages SAP’s process insights, tooling, Cloud IaaS from the Hyperscaler, and the expertise of the customer’s system integrator to facilitate an SAP S/4HANA transformation. As a systems integrator and SAP partner, Lemongrass is supporting RISE with SAP projects by helping customers implement the SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) offering.

When it comes to deploying, migrating, running, and automating SAP on Hyperscale Cloud, few can match Lemongrass in skill and expertise. Lemongrass is a global leader in migrating SAP to Hyperscale Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP). We have migrated over 200 customers to hyperscale Public Cloud— including very complex systems—with a 100% success rate. Our SAP to Cloud migration model focuses on the fastest route to 2027 compliance in the shortest length of time.

Lemongrass RISE+ :

Lemongrass RISE+ – RISE with SAP accounts for the fact that every SAP customer is starting their journey at different places. Some customers are still on ECC 6.0 and others run very complex environments that have grown over the years. For SAP customers with existing or future state complexities in their mission-critical business application functionality, Lemongrass is working with SAP to provide complementary services to de-risk, accelerate and drive outcomes around RISE with SAP projects.

Our Lemongrass RISE+ capabilities include:

  • Assessment – As part of the assessment service, Lemongrass charts a rapid migration to RISE with SAP, categorizes non-RISE applications, and provides a detailed analysis of the customer’s SAP centric-landscape and SAP S/4HANA migration to provide a turn-key pricing for migration and operations in addition to a supporting business case.
  • Accelerated Cloud Migration – Lemongrass will migrate and support conversions of the customer’s ERP system to RISE with SAP S/4HANA and build sister-VPCs to enable seamless integration to non-RISE applications, with near-zero downtime.
  • Management and Integration of Non-SAP RISE Systems – Many customers have requirements for SAP or Non-SAP systems as part of the customer business landscape that sits outside the RISE PCE offering. Lemongrass offers integration and managed services of these non-RISE systems in a customer-owned Cloud tenant, to help SAP customers meet their end-to-end business requirements.
  • SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) – Much of the value of moving SAP to Cloud is the ability to integrate SAP to the cloud-native services provided by the hyperscaler.  With BTP, SAP gives customers a mechanism to create this connection, connecting the broad range of capabilities from the cloud ecosystem with the business knowledge of the SAP process and data models.
  • Managed Services above the SAP provided PCE Managed Services – Lemongrass offers enhanced management capabilities above standard SAP PCE management services such as Transport Management, Configuration, unique and ad-hoc SAP Basis tasks.
  • Commercial Options – In addition to these services, Lemongrass offers commercial frameworks from SAP to help customers simplify the overall RISE with SAP deployment model and S/4HANA PCE subscription licenses. One of these commercial options is Private Managed Cloud (PMC) which enables a single technical and commercial mechanism for all SAP software (RISE and non-RISE SAP BOM items), in addition to any IT workload, enabling customers to move “all in” to cloud platform technology.

Lemongrass RISE+ Client Success

Although it’s still early days for RISE with SAP, Lemongrass has been proactive in providing support for SAP customers in their RISE journey and has already helped customers successfully make their move to RISE with SAP. One such client scenario is Yancoal, an Australian mining company. Lemongrass worked with SAP and another SI partner to help the customer execute its RISE with SAP project. By working with Lemongrass, the company was able to leverage our SAP on Hyperscale cloud expertise to realize its target business outcomes.

RISE with SAP brings forth a comprehensive set of capabilities and SAP’s aim is to work with customers, their system integrators, and hyperscalers to put together a well-thought-out and robust approach to help customers solve their digital transformation puzzles. As a global leader for migrating SAP to hyperscale Cloud, Lemongrass can support SAP customers on their RISE Journey. We are confident in the success customers can achieve by working together with SAP teams and leveraging Lemongrass’s SAP on Hyperscale Cloud expertise.

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Video: Managing RISE with SAP and your Cloud native strategy | Lemongrass Live

Download our Lemongrass RISE+ datasheet for more information on the services Lemongrass offers to support RISE with SAP projects or contact us.

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