Four Guiding Principles for SAP on AWS Migration Success

Four Guiding Principles for SAP on AWS Migration Success

Imagine you are at a clothing store, looking to buy a black t-shirt. In front of you are racks and racks of black t-shirts, all slightly different with regards to cut, style and fit. You had been hoping to just pop into the store on your lunch break and pick up a new shirt — but now, as you stand before the hundreds of different t-shirt options, you feel paralyzed.   

This is called the Paradox of Choice. While people might believe that having many options increases the likelihood of making the best choice to suit your needs (and thus increases satisfaction), the Paradox of Choice states that having an abundance of options makes it harder to choose and can leave us feeling unsatisfied with our choice.  

In other words: instead of increasing decision satisfaction, having too many options makes people less likely to be confident that they have made the best decision. 

The trouble with too many features

Now imagine that you are working with a system that offers you thousands — maybe even millions — of choices with regards to setup, billing, security, speed, and uptime. 

Every day, this platform releases new features and innovations: so many that it will be difficult to keep track of them all — and even harder to know which ones will benefit your business. For some businesses, this is what it may feel like as they begin to move and operate enterprise workloads in the Cloud.

Last year, AWS released over 1000 new features and upgrades for their more than 200 products — that’s over three new options every day. Not all these features are things you will want or need to use, but many of them could bring significant value to your organization. The question is knowing which features will be most beneficial to you.  

Four Guiding Principles for SAP on AWS Migration Success

How to make better decisions with AWS

Just like you wouldn’t head out into the wilderness without a map, compass, or GPS, you shouldn’t embark on a large digital transformation project without some kind of guide to keep you moving in the right direction.  

Making good decisions is much the same: if you stick to the path and stay focused on your goals, you are likely to reach a good outcome — whether that’s completing the hiking trail or choosing the right mix of EC2 instances.   

In our new SAP on AWS guidebook, The Four Markers of Success, we’ve asked Lemongrass’s SAP and AWS experts for their absolute best advice when it comes to migrating and operating SAP on AWS. We’ve then shaped that advice into four markers to guide you in your decision-making as you move SAP from on-premises to AWS.  

These markers will help you stay on track as you navigate the thousands of options available in both SAP and AWS — and help you make the right decisions for the long-term as you create and execute your Cloud migration plan.  

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