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SpringWorks Therapeutics is a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company that applies a precision medicine approach to acquiring, developing and delivering life-changing medicines to help patients suffering from devastating cancers live longer, better lives.

The Best Cloud Prescription for SpringWorks Therapeutic’s Critical SAP Workloads is Azure and Lemongrass

The SpringWorks Therapeutics team is driven by innovation and focuses on leveraging the best technology available to evolve and elevate their operational capabilities. When the Cloud provider hosting their mission-critical SAP systems made the decision to exit the SAP Hosting space, SpringWorks urgently needed to find a migration partner to help them migrate their existing systems SAP S/4 HANA systems with minimal downtime. They also needed to find a new hosting provider to handle the daily operations of their systems and support their mission to drive continuous improvement and innovation across their SAP landscape.

After evaluating its options for running SAP on Cloud, SpringWorks selected Microsoft as its hosting provider due to the company’s long-standing history with Microsoft and the power and versatility of Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud platform.

For the migration of its SAP S/4HANA system, the company had specific criteria. They wanted a partner with comprehensive and proven expertise in SAP on Cloud who was also nimble and innovative. The SpringWorks team wanted to build in and fully leverage automation capabilities to deliver even more value back to the business.

Lemongrass fit the bill and came highly recommended because of its extensive SAP on Azure expertise and experience in executing previous exits from the same hosting provider. With Lemongrass’s SAP on Azure experience and proven methodology, SpringWorks was confident Lemongrass could not only migrate its S/4HANA system successfully but also support the company’s SAP systems going forward with managed services and continuous innovation.

“We had an accelerated timeline for this project, and the Lemongrass team responded with an excellent plan that could be accomplished within a tight 5-month time frame– and within our budget. With our SAP systems now up and running on Azure, and through our continued partnership with Lemongrass, we can now optimize our business processes, run with greater efficiency, and implement new capabilities- at speed- to support our strategic goals.”
Dave Fox, Sr. Director, Enterprise Systems, SpringWorks

Planning and Execution

Lemongrass’s migration of the company’s SAP systems was divided into 3 phases: Mobilize and Design, Technical Foundation, and Deploy and Migrate. In the Mobilization and Design phase, Lemongrass designed the Azure landscape and SAP Basis components for SpringWorks’ SAP S/4HANA system. They also determined the approach for the migration, created the schedule and sequences for all the activities across the entire project, and planned, in detail, the managed services and support processes required to maintain the integrity of the company’s SAP workloads on Azure.

After successful execution and approval of the Mobilization and Design phase, Lemongrass proceeded to the Technical Foundation phase. Using the design phase artifacts approved by SpringWorks, they created the technical assets needed to build the company’s Azure Landing Zone and server environments. At this point in the project, Lemongrass restored the company’s SAP environments by using backups taken both by the company and the previous hosting provider.

With the design phase artifacts and technical assets in hand, Lemongrass built the company’s Azure Landing Zone, automation routines, and server environments and completed the last phase by migrating the SpringWorks SAP workloads to the Azure landscape.


Lemongrass executed the restoration and migration of Springworks’ SAP S/4HANA system with zero disruptions to the business. Lemongrass’s automation and proven methodology, which incorporates SAP best practices and the Azure Well-Architected Framework, enables SpringWorks to run its SAP systems with greater reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness on Azure.

The added value of Lemongrass’s ongoing management of the company’s SAP systems with its customized, proactive approach to daily operations means the company’s systems will continue to operate at their maximum potential on Azure and deliver the agility and performance SpringWorks expects from its SAP landscape.

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