Seaco Global Ltd.

Seaco Global
Seaco Global Ltd. is the world’s largest sea-container leasing company, with assets of more than $6 billion. Headquartered in Singapore and with offices in 14 locations and operations in more than 80 countries, Seaco provides a diversified fleet of shipping containers to supply all of its customers’ needs.

Seaco Global are the First Large Productive SAP on AWS, Globally

“Our performance of SAP on AWS is off the scale. We reduced our monthly billing cycle from four days to one day, and have significantly reduced our overall annual IT costs.”

Carlos Galiano, Chief Information Officer, Seaco Global Ltd

Seaco Global uses the SAP Business Suite to manage all facets of its daily operations involving hundreds of users in more than 12 countries. The company had been hosting specific SAP applications in two traditional data centers in the United Kingdom. The infrastructure in these data centers was old and slow, and outages were causing headaches for the business. It took the company four days to complete its monthly billing cycle, and the SAP systems remained unpatched for years due to the infrastructure’s lack of agility to run such a project.

When Seaco Global moved its headquarters from London to Singapore, the company decided to look for a solution for computing resources. It needed lower latency and higher performance than what it received through its traditional on-premises data center facilities.

Seaco Global engaged Lemongrass to complete a cost assessment which showed that AWS could save the company more than 50 percent in annual hosting costs. Lemongrass then developed a proof of concept and began testing solutions for Seaco using AWS. By January 2015, all Seaco workloads had been moved to the cloud, including its SAP Business Suite and Microsoft SQL Server database.

Seaco Global now runs its entire IT environment in the Cloud—including its SAP Business Suite and its other management tools and applications previously hosted in the UK-based data centers. By moving its IT environment to the AWS Cloud, Seaco has saved more than 50 percent in IT infrastructure and maintenance costs, while obtaining greater business flexibility.

In addition, the company has significantly improved many of its core business processes. By running its SAP systems on AWS in combination with virtual load balancer Mass Data Runtime (MDR) from Basis Technologies, the company has reduced the billing process to less than one day—a time savings of more than 75 percent. Migrating to AWS has also provided Seaco with a solid platform for growth. With the ability to spin up new server instances in minutes, Seaco Global is positioned to quickly scale capacity both up and down as its computing requirements change.

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